Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Things about marriage

We all hear that either marriage is great, marriage sucks, don’t get married, or its the best thing and so forth. We definitely joined with those that love it! But we just wanted to share things we have learned about marriage that we never were told, or that we didn’t really realize would happen. 

Her version…
1. He will never put the toilet seat down, even if you tell him 100 times.
2. Your grocery bill is like triple, Things like milk, bread or cheese would go bad before I could use all of them but now, I buy milk before a week is even up!
3. Guys wash every item of clothing, even if they only wear it for 10 minutes!
4. Who knew that making a bed had to be so precise..
5. Cleaning is okay and fun, if that means cleaning your vehicle (truck.)
6. You literally have a friend to do anything and everything with.
7. They don’t always like to put things away right away, or they put it right next to where they should of put it.
8. Each person likes their specific TV shows, whether you like it or not, you get stuck watching it.
9. If you like to drive.. well get used to not driving. One perke is  having a chauffeur all the time!
10. I love being married, its having a best friend with you forever.

His version…
1. She will always ask you to put the toilet seat down even when you do.
2. A man has to eat and drink his milk!
3. Women can ask 100 questions in just 5 minutes.
4. They get to be the main decision maker, and just say yes honey your right.
5. She likes to have everything clean and I mean everything!
6. I love being with her all day and every day!
7. They always want things done right away! No matter what.
8. You will have to watch the shows she likes even if there girlie shows like Pretty Little Liars!
9. You will be writing in a blog!!
10. I LOVE HER!!

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