Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brantley 7 Months

My Big Brantley Boy is SEVEN months!
He is getting so fun and we seriously love him so much!

**a little about him this month**

-Weights 18lbs
-Size 3 Diapers
-Wearing anywhere from 6-12 month clothing
-Usually sleeps through the night, if not wakes up once
-Is soo HAPPY and always really SMILY
-Will hardly ever put weight on his feet (lazy boy)
-Started rolling this past week for the first time from his back to his tummy! (5-25-18)
-Is getting so much better at sitting, but still can only make it 10 seconds most times.
-Will usually roll from his belly straight back to his back when you do tummy time.
-Still doesn't have any teeth
- Loves any and all attention
-Took his first camp trip over memorial day weekend
-Loves to kick and kick his legs when he is excited
-always pees as soon as he gets in the tub (he even peed on Adi, she said "Brantley stop peeing on me")
-still loves his binky
-LOVES food.. doesn't care for peas, or beans. But is even starting to have table food (like mac and cheese, rice, chicken)


I cannot get a picture with these blocks, he always grabs them! But look how big he is getting compared to his giraffe! 

-Instead of rolling he just does this, he will reach over his shoulder and end up moving in a circle because of it. 

 -Really the happiest baby EVER! (He's really only had one day where he cried literally ALL day but thats almost the only time he's really been sad)

Just look at those toes!

 And that hair! Now that we are outside more its getting blonder!

Adi is learning so fast how to take pictures! It's quite hilarious.. She yells Brantley look at the camera. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brantley 6 Months

Brantley Brantley Brantley Boy... Where has the time gone. My sweet babe is 1/2 year old already! When I see new babies I can't even remember him being that little and it hasn't even been that long! He is such a good baby, like I say it all the time but we thought Adi was good and he is WAY BETTER. He comes to church, all my track meets, and hangs out all day without making a peep!

A little about him..
-He is wearing size 3 diapers still.
-He is wearing a few 6m but mostly 6-9 or 9m clothing (some 9-12m jammies)
- sleeps all night or will wake up once, usually alternates every couple days.
-takes one really good nap, and 2-3 short naps. 
-LOVES food, eats cereal in the morning, fruit at lunch, and veggie at dinner. 
-Is ALWAYS smiling. 
-Is pretty content with just about anyone.
-Still doesn't care to roll over, occasionally will from his belly to his back.
-Doesn't care to stand, and can only sit for maybe 5 seconds without falling over. 
-Drools all the time, but no signs of any teeth.
-Kicks and kicks in the tub.
-Loves his sister except when she comes in his room and scares him. (She yells RAWR)
-Reaches for everything, pulls your hair, and constantly wants what you have.
-Has more hair than Adi ever did, and its slowly getting lighter and lighter.
-Still has those baby blue eyes!
-Is super ticklish! 

We love you Brantley Boy!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Easter 2018 was a pretty good! We didn't really consider going home, but then Trent invited us home for his baptism and we decided we couldn't miss it. You can find more from his baptism HERE... 

It was a quick trip but it was full! As soon as we got there, we headed to my grandmas to color eggs! Adi loved it, she probably cracked 90% off them because she kept putting them in different colors. and would just drop them in! Whoops. 

After we headed to Trents for dinner and off to his baptism! That ended Day1

Woke up and watched conference! After conference we had a little easter egg hunt for Adi. She ran and ran to each egg. My mom kept saying I think she's going to be a sprinter she is so fast! Then we headed to my grandmas for a little easter party with some of the cousins. 

I love my parents! and I love these pictures!
After that we headed to Trent and Liz's house for another Easter Party! They had a BBQ and easter egg hunt. They were so nice and got her her own Easter Basket and had sooo many eggs! She has a lot of Nieces and NEphews so  it made  it really fun!

They had these fun little eggs with confetti in them and smashed them on everyone's head, I've never seen them before but they are so fun! ... and messy!
Overall we had a great weekend at home!

Adilee Rae 28m

 Guys just look at this girl! She's so dang beautiful with her messy hair and all! After we took Brantley's 5 month pictures she said my turn mommy, my turn. So of course I couldn't pass it up! And she even stared right at the camera and smiled! IT was a win for both of us!

***28months of life***
-She pulls her hair out within a couple hours of me doing it.
-She always takes her shoes and socks of first thing in the car.
-Is in dance class and LOVES it.
-Goes to the daycare while I go to track and LOVES it also.
-Loves to pull faces at the camera, or just not look at it completely. Or she starts putting her hand up and say say cheese (because we do that to get Brantley's attention.)
-She still is missing her canines and 2nd molars. 
-Has the biggest vocabulary and can talk so good!
-Still is potty trained but wears a pull up to bed.
-Would paint, blow bubbles and draw with chalk everyday if I let her. 
-When I ask her her name she says Adi, I'll tell her to say Adilee and she just says Adi.
-Loves horses, and babies, ALWAYS has one!
-Really loves to hold her brother, even though he is almost as big as her!

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