Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Weekend Trips

Friday Night we went to the Temple to seal my grandpa to his parents. It was pretty special, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to do so!

On our way home we decided in the morning we'd pack up and head camping. We thought about just going up to the summit, but didn't know what we would do all day. So we decided to head to Island Park. Its kind of far for a two day trip but it was so worth it! It was a great get away weekend for our little family. AND we got to use the camper so that was fun!

We parked the trailer in Koops old boss's family cabin area. Its BEAUTIFUL there! Like soo many trees, open fields, and beautiful scenery! 

We got all set up and then headed to West Yellowstone to drive through the park! We went to Old Faithful. Then we headed around the small loop. Kind of bummer we hadn't seen anything and this big bull elk was right off the road. He was HUGE and had his velvet still! 

 Just a little farther there was quite a bit of traffic to find out a buffalo was just holdin' them up walking down the street. 

We saw another big bull elk, buffalo, and a couple herds of elk, and one doe! No bears or Moose this time. 

 Then we headed home and stopped and got Chinese on the way home for dinner! 

We slept in the trailer! Adi has done so good at not wearing pulls ups, but because she fell asleep in the car she never got to potty before bed and wet the bed :( yuck. That woke us all up for a little bit, but other than that we all slept really good!

The next morning we made breakfast and took a ride to sawtail. It was so pretty being able to see the whole valley! Brantley didn't care much he fell asleep pretty early. 

 Then we floated the river by Macks Inn. It took almost 3 hours. The water is soo slow, but it was fun to be together on the raft! We got fried! On the way to get the truck both kids fell asleep!

Then we headed back to have dinner, clean up and head home!! What a great trip! I don't want to forget it so as we head home I decided to blog and get all the pictures posted so I don't get behind! I love my little family and the chance we have to just get in the truck and go! This little trip was just as good as any fully planned trips! (Even though I'm a planner)

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Brantley 8 Months

Brantley sweet Brantley

You are a charming, face grabbin, droolin, mommas boy! We sure do love you! 

This past month
* Weighs roughly 19-20 lbs (we find out on Tuesday)
*Wears size 3 diapers &  9-12m clothing
* Has ZERO teeth, and no signs of any coming.
*LOVES to eat, does so much better with a spoon but still chokes on chunks (Can't even do puffs yet)
*Finally rolling over multiple times.
*Is starting to put weight on his legs
*Enjoys to go swimming and take baths
*Loves to grab your face, chest, cheeks or hair.
*Is starting to like green food-Peas, Beans.
*Found his voice but doesn't really say specific words like mom or dad
*Sleeps 9-9 ish waking up once (sometimes goes all night)
* takes 2-3 naps. Usually one good 2-3 hour nap and 2: 30min-1hour ones.  
*Is almost switched over to formula (He gets SO distracted when he nurses) 
*Had his first night away from mom (While she was at girls camp)
*Still has the cute little birth mark on his leg

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is great for two reasons. 
1. It's my birthday weekend 2. We usually always go camping. 
This year we got a lot of the family together and went up to Bear Lake. It really was SO MUCH FUN! 

We played games, baseball, rode 4 wheelers, went to an escape room, and just hung out! It did get a little cold at nights but we really had a good time!

I post this mainly for the photos.. So here ya go!

It consists of
Good Food
Good People &
Good Times!

^ We got out :) with like 11 minutes to spare!

Zipz is the cutest place. Has cute outdoor seating, cute spoons and good shakes!

 ^I sure do love these girls!

 ^So glad they got to go! Lets just say Lis is the baby whisper and could always put Brantley to sleep, and Ceci was the best at all the games!


So on the way home we hit a huge rainstorm. Main street in Malad was literally flooding! It was nuts!

Overall, the perfect camping weekend!
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