Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Malad, Weber & Blackfoot FAIR

Malad Fair
I'm kind of bummed because I didn't get very many photos this year! My phone is terrible and has the worst camera, so unless I pack my big one I tend to not take any :/

^ Isn't this the cutest photo! I love it! Koop won $50 posting this on the fair instagram page! Lucky duck!
 We got pretty lucky with Rodeo Tickets this year. In the paper they do a giveaway you just have to take the slips around. Well Adilee and I both won. So we got into the rodeo both nights for free!
Adi loves EVERYONE! Ashley was talking to Aunt Coley and she had to go say hello!

 Malad Rodeo! Adi loved it. She kept cheering the whole time, and 90% she spent her time on Grandma Anabells lap. 
Malad Fair 2015 Found Here...
Weber County Fair

Cute little Adi wanted to be with dad helping on the steers.

 She loves the animals! And wants to pet them all the time!

 My cute cousins! They did so well! I am so proud of all their hard work!
My Mountain Dew loving girl! You think because she didn't like it in the womb she wouldn't like it outside the womb!

These 2 did so good! Gavin got grand champion showmanship in the steer. and then the next day (we missed ;( Ken got 1st in quality with her pig and 1st in show! and Gavin got reserve in show) 

 Adi got to meet Myka for the first time and she loved her!

Blackfoot Fair

I don't know why we didn't take very many pictures but I'm a little bummed!
  Adi sure loves her cousins! Carter and Wheeler are so fun to play with, and Mollie she just wants to love on all day!

 Kelly is to worried getting the heifer to look forward he never smiles!
 Good job Carter! You're getting so much better at showing each year. 
Naps for the win!

Adi loves to help! and everytime Rhett was around she was with him! 

2016 Found Here....
2015 Found Here...

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Summer 2017 was pretty great. It went fast and seemed to be pretty busy! And now it's over :(
4th of July weekend we floated Oneida Narrows. These two kids loved it! We love when Jake and Chelsea come to visit!

We had a nice group! The Bleazards and the Tracys!

Adi is like a little fish. She doesn't love the cold water but still loves to play in it. 

She got so tired towards the end of the float she even feel asleep :)

Koop got this new Rizer Rack to fit the four-wheeler in his truck better and we finally got it all set up and ready. It's really nice because the tail gate can close now, so when we go camping we don't have to take it off!
Adi sharing a little of Elle's birthday cake. They couldn't quite decide if they liked each other all the time, because they both wanted the attention, and the both wanted each others toys. 
Adi is getting old enough she can hang out with Dad.. She went on a little date, and even fell asleep in the tractor.
Went golfing for the first time with Koop, Zac and Shanae. It was so much fun, I actually enjoyed it, and didn't suck all that bad!

  Went to Ogden Pioneer Days. It has been something I've done for sooo long. Last year was the first year I missed. But this year we got to help with the mutton bustin. The little girl we helped was TERRIFIED and never ended up doing it. But the little boy did great!

 My Dad's dog Kira had 7 puppies and so I posted them on facebook and 5 people from around Malad got them, so my dad made a trip up and dropped them off.. We babysit this one below for 5 days, and Adi thought it needed to see all her toys!

 We loved our time at the pool, camping, and spending time with family! 

Adi wanted to hold Mo Mo.. She didn't want to be held!

When we were at Dawnata she was running down the hill and fell face first, and got this nice little burn on her nose.. Poor thing!

This sweet lady happens to be having a boy just right before me and I'm so excited!

 After swimming, Adi falls asleep on the way home and its my favorite part. I don't know what it is, but watching her fall asleep in seconds is so cute! And I love her fish face!
This poor cat.. Actually its a dumb cat. It never stops meowing! And always tries to run in the house when the door opens, so I send Adi to get her out! 

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