Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maternity Photos

30 WEEKS!!!! I'm at 30 weeks! Well now almost 32, we only have 8 weeks left MAX.. I can't even believe it, I'm still really nervous to have TWO kids! I don't even know what to expect and although I watch my Niece Mollie a couple days a week I can't even prepare myself. This pregnancy has been so much like the first, pretty smooth with no problems. I have been a little more tired and a little less patient but overall felt pretty good! My back hurts, and my calves are always sore, and I feel like baby makes it harder to breath each day but I know it will all be worth it!

My sweet cousin and I decided we wanted to practice a little on each other and take some maternity photos! We did a quick shoot of each other before it got too hot. You can find hers HERE. She is so cute, can you believe we are due the SAME DAY! What are the odds. I couldn't just pick one I liked so I probably posted to many but that's okay :)

Baby Boy we are so excited to meet you! Let's hope we can come up with a name before you get here! If moms intuition is right you will be here before 8 weeks, for some reason I just have this feeling that you're going to come early!

 She really will be the best big sister. With Mollie she always wants to hold, feed, burp, rock and love on her. She has no idea what's really coming but I can't wait for them to be together! She is at the point now where she will hug my belly, kiss it, and hit it of course. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Boise State Fair 2017

 Every year since I've been married to Kooper we've gone to the Boise Fair! It's always been one of my favorites because I get to see my family also.. This year was pretty different for a couple reasons. Not everyone was up there the whole time, and Teresa didn't come at all. Adi LOVED LOVED LOVED the animals.. She didn't want to leave the pigs, sheep or goats. 

 We didn't plan this but we happened to be wearing ALL PINK! 

 Carter and his show calf Sally!

 She wants to help all the time.. How can you resist her help though...
 Oh Cathy we are so glad you always come watch! 

 Aunt Coley Is so good with Adi.. and SHE LOVES HER! 
 Baby Mo Mo snoozin the show away..

 Adi got to go home with grandma and spend the night one night. It was kind of nice to have the day off! Coley and I went shopping, and it was so weird not having to watch and chase her. 

Tractor Races for the Boys! 

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