Saturday, November 11, 2017


Trick or Treating was a HUGE hit for Adilee this year! She LOVED it.. 
We dressed up as Mike, Sully and Boo for the Halloween Carnival.. Then because Halloween was so cold she was Minnie Mouse.. And No one knew what Kooper was without his matching team :) 

My mom and Kooper went around trick or treating with Adi and we traded off a couple times so I could go with her! She got a bunch of candy and snacks... 

If you remember.. I LOVE Halloween costumes, and I especially LOVE family costumes.. This year because the baby was coming we slacked a little and put together something supper fast! 

You can find previous years here..

When we got out the Halloween decorations we found this fun Halloween costume, and so of course we had to have a photo shoot..

Adilee Rae 2 Years

Adilee Rae Daniels

How is it possible she is 2 years already?! Everyone always told us it goes fast! And they were right! Now that we have Brantley when we hold Adi she seems so much bigger. 
A little about Adi this past year can be found month by month here... 

This month she..

--LOVES movies now.. Especially Trolls, Monsters Inc, Monsters University, Moana, and a little bit of Sing!
--She will get up and dance every time the music is on, she especially likes to shake her bum.. (Definitely got that from her daddy)
--She LOVES her brother! She doesn't like strangers to hold him, she won't let anyone take him home, and she gives him at least 100 hugs and kisses a day. 
--She has become quite the talker and can say more than 2 words at a time. It's so funny the things she says sometimes. 
--Loves Candy.. Almost everything.. Trick or Treating was a huge hit for her.
--Finally started saying 3, however, now she just counts 1, 2, 2, 1... and won't go up to 3 anymore.
-She has been sleeping in her full size bed for a little over a month! She loves it and always says when people come over "see my bed." She has only rolled off twice.
--Quick to make friends, she will go up to any kids and play with them.
--She still naps 2-3 hours a day.
--Weighs a wopping 22 lbs, and wears 18 month clothing. 
--and is 36 inches tall!
--has 6 teeth on top, and 3.5 on bottom

You can find her first year here... 
and here second year month to month here.....

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Adilee Rae 2017 YEAR 2

There are some things about my little bug that I don't want to forget. I look back so often at these blog posts and so I want to make sure that I post them! I'm just taking a bunch of my posts from instagram and putting them here! 

14 Months
This little girl is the light of our world. She is 14 months and has quite the personality... She has 1 tooth, and another on the way. She loves to say Hi to everyone and occasionally gives people the scowl. She can almost run and is always on the go. She loves cuties, peas, green beans, cucumbers and well let's just say ANYTHING you put in front of her. She loves candy and if she sees it she wants all of it.

She loves sledding and loves to be outside with Daddy! She has MASTERED the scowl and will SCOWL ALL DAY!

15 Months
This little sunshine turned 15 months today! She is working on her 3rd tooth(top one) she loves to dump Sampson's dog food out and occasionally I find her eating it. She LOVES books, coloring, nursery and any attention she can get. She is always so friendly and will walk up to almost anyone but she doesn't like to get picked up. (Unless you have fruit snacks or Marsh mellows) 😂😁

This girl spent her 1st Sunday in NURSERY!! She was allowed to come in early and she loved it. She didn't even care when I dropped her off! On the flip side I was able to focus in church without any distractions. Win win for us BOTH!( I even got a cute picture that she scribbled on)

16 Months
She is obsessed with shoes. She has to have them on at all times.. Whether or not they are hers. 
She pulls her hair out, shortly have I put it in!
She is so independent and doesn't want any help! Especially eating!

17 Months

18 Months

19 Months
I did a whole post on 19 months, you can find that here... 

20 Months
She is a fish a LOVES the water. She can jump in and come up without choking now! She is quit fearless and we have to be careful because she will jump right in. 

^Is that not the cutest little bum
21 Months

21 months old and POTTY TRAINED! It happened and I didn't go crazy! Because she did so awesome we bought her any toy she wanted. (She might of wanted the ugliest tiniest baby so with a little coaxing, we found another she liked.) Literally, I asked her about EVERYTHING else and she was like baacckk (saying to put it back)

We have tried two separate times to potty train her and it just didn't work. She would go sometimes and then more than not wouldn't.  So I totally gave up and one day we were getting dressed and she said "Panties" so I said okay if I put these on you have to go in the potty. Well the next two days I think she went once on the potty and had several accidents. Well on the third day I remember that night she went and she got so excited and I felt like that was the click for her. So the next day I went commando ALL day. I gave her a ton to drink, so she had a lot of opportunities. I put her on the potty(the little training one) about every 15 minutes.. It JUST CLICKED.. Like everyone says they will do it when they were ready and it was totally her time. The next day we did comando a little but later in the day tried underwear and she didn't have any accidents. We continued at home for two more days and she was pretty good. I was nervous because that weekend was the fair and so we were out of the house all day. I just made sure to ask her all the time, and take her about every 20 minutes even if she said no. I would just take her to the car and let her use the little potty because she felt more comfortable! 

This whole process has taken a lot of patience but she did SO good. She gets so excited to go on the potty and will clap "yay" ... on another note she got 2 more teeth! She skipped her canines and got her 1st molars on the top.. totalling 9 finally!

22 Months
-My little nugget is still in the 25% for height and weight! She is weighing a whopping 22 lbs. She wears 18 month clothing and size 4 shoes!  She is staying right on that curve though so we aren't to worried about anything! She loves to eat and eats really good 
- We were those parents that said we wouldn't give our child that much pop or candy and we failed at that. She LOVED candy! Every day she says more candy... 
-She still loves nursery more than anything, and she loves playing with ANYONE. As soon as we go anywhere with kids she just goes up to them and tries to be friends, or follows them and makes them be her friend.. (Thats a good thing though right ;) )

-She is quite the talker. Some of my favorite right now, if we are touching her and she doesn't want us to she will say dooon't.. and its just funny.  Or if me and Kooper are play fighting or yelling at each other(which is usually like funny yelling) she will yell STOP. Or if we are wrestling she will get made at us and yell stop. Whenever we go to the Pop Shop she just says Bamma Wamma bamma wamma over and over again. When dad is leaving for work and gives her a kiss she will say head to kiss her on the forehead, and then she will say mommy so dad will kiss me.  In the morning when she wakes up she Yells Mom or Dad over and over till we come and get her. She loves to facetime grandma and knows her ringer when she is calling. 

-We babysit Mollie 2 days a week and in our hallway hangs pictures from every month her first year, and she always calls them Mollie now, instead before she would say Adi. Adi, Sampson, Adi. 

-She is OBSESSED with babies still and has them all the time, she LOVES cows, and bubble baths! 
-She loves to nap still- her naps are anywhere from 2-4 hours still. 
-She loves Monster Inc now, Paw Patrol, and Mickey Mouse. 
-She is so smart with the phone, and LOVES to play games on it. 

-She is the biggest mooch and seriously mooches off EVERYONE!

-Has learned the word NO
-Has more attitude than a 23month old should.
-Loves to try and help.. 

24 Months...

2 YEARS!!! WAHOO.. That can be found HERE...... 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Brantley Kooper Daniels

Brantley Kooper Daniels
8lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches long
Birth Story (It's long so if you're in for a read, go ahead)

Friday October 27th, 2017: Today was supposed to be the day! We had planned to get induced and was so excited to meet our little boy! 4:50 AM came and I called first thing hoping for them to say come on over! However, that was not the case. They were way backed up and said they would call in a couple hours. Well, I decided I wanted to get my membranes stripped to see if we could speed the process up, so we were prepared to go in when they called back. So we headed to Logan, right before we got there Dr. Blackett had 2 deliveries and so AnaLora was the one to strip me. She came and checked me and was pretty surprised. She was like you're almost at a 5. We don't get very many who are this far so I want to have someone else come in and check also. So another Pa came in and checked and said "wow you are stretchy" just what I wanted to hear right.. hah not really. But she's like you're at a really good 4.5. So then she stripped my membranes. Everyone said it's really uncomfortable and I guess because I was advanced dilated it was already really stretched out so it didn't really feel like much at all.  

So we left the doctor's office to walk it out. We walked around the whole mall, all over the outside of Cal-Ranch (Curb Walking), then down to Chili's (ordered lunch), then to BWW (more lunch), then back to Cal-Ranch. Then we took the car over to get serviced and while we were waiting we walked around several different car dealerships. So in total probably about 4 miles..  and it was all for NOTHING! No consistent contractions, NOTHING... 

So the doctor called back and it was getting close to 5pm, which was when Dr. Blackett was done for the weekend and Dr. Fowers was on call.  So they told me that I'd have to wait till Monday. At this point it's like taking candy from a kid. It sucks and they hate you.. I was looking forward to meeting our little man all day and when they said I had to wait 3 more days it was pretty disappointing. 
So we headed home...  October 27th was not the day. 

Saturday October 28th, 2017: Woke up, got ready and started doing a few things. Then I sat down and tried talking to baby. I wasn't getting much of a reaction and tried really hard to get him to move. We tried some sugary drinks, candy, jumping jacks, a cold rag and got nothing. So Koop said let's go get checked. We decided not to tell anyone, my mom was with Adi at the store so we snuck over there and got our bag out and headed over. We messaged her and said "We are going for a bumpy ride be back in a little bit." On the way to the hospital I got super worried and started crying and thought of everything possible that could go wrong. ..  On our way over we stopped at the gas station and grabbed a crispito to see if food would make him move.. Of course as we started getting closer he started moving a little bit. I told Kooper "Watch we are going to get there and he is going to go crazy and then I'm just going to look dumb", but he said it's better to be safe than sorry.  So we got to the hospital about 12ish and they checked me in and hooked me up to the monitors. And he was just fine.. They monitored us both for an hour and came back and checked me. Because I wasn't in active labor they said I could go home but she was going to call and tell Dr. Fowers what was going on. I told her if he was okay with me staying I wouldn't mind.  She came back and  Dr. Fowers said I could stay and they would start me.

Yesterday we were so excited and ready and this time we just felt kinda bad, because Dr. Blackett wasn't there and Dr. Fowers had to come in. However, he was my doctor with Adi and if I had to pick someone other than Blackett he would be my choice. We decided to stay and they started me on pitocin. Dr. Fowers came about 3:15 and broke my water (once again such a weird feeling, but not as weird as it was with Adi), he said you feel ready, I wouldn't be surprised if this baby was here before 5, but it could be a couple more hours, we will see. Then Anesthesiologist came about 4 to start my epidural. When he gave it to me I felt it shoot to the left of my back, it was weird. The guy was really nice and joked with all of us. Once he finished, everyone left and all of a sudden the contractions got STRONGER. My pitocin was at an 8 still and I was feeling everything. I was gripping the side of my bed and in seriously so much pain.  Kooper and I joked about how Adi's birth was nothing like the movies. I never screamed, yelled at Kooper or was in much pain at all. And this time I kept saying it's like the movies.. It hurts! Koop just kept saying it was going to be okay, breathe. I tried. It SUCKED.
The nurse came in and said she would wait 10 more minutes for my epidural to kick in, she asked if I wanted her to lower my pitocin. Koop said na let's keep this ball rolling so I said okay. Well she left the room and I got more contractions and every time I would tell Kooper, PUSH THE BUTTON(to give me more epidural.) Finally, she came in and checked me and I was already at a 9. Keep in mind this all happened in a matter of 30 minutes from the time they started my epidural. She went to call Dr. Fowers who luckily was already on his way over. I got another contraction and told Kooper this baby is coming paige her again. She came in and checked and I was at a 10. They told me I had to wait until the Dr. came and not to push. My anesthesiologist came back in and tried talking to me, all I remember was him jokingly saying I'm sorry this isn't working yet I didn't think you would go that fast and giving me a big dose. 5 pm rolls around and Dr. Fowers is here and they got me ready to push. At this point my legs were going numb and I was starting to feel less pain. During one set of contractions I finished and remember saying "This sucks" I ended up pushing for 10 minutes and during the last push I literally felt like he was sitting in my right butt cheek. It felt so weird. Next push and he was out and all that pain was gone.  

They immediately put him on a towel on my belly, cleaned him up, cut his cord and gave him to me to hold. He was so sweet, swollen and chubby. Dr. Fowers guessed 8'2 and was so dang close. The nurse then took him from me and got all his stats. While she had him he peed on her and then when she moved him to weigh him, he peed again all over the curtain. It was pretty funny.

If you look at the curtain closely, you can see where he peed.

Then she gave him to me to do skin to skin. He kept almost like purring, and the nurse said "Let's see if skin to skin helps that go away, he isn't supposed to be doing that, he is trying to hard to breathe. " Well it didn't really help so she said we are going to do a breathing treatment on him for an hour and if that helps we will bring him back to you. So all of a sudden everyone was gone and I was all alone in the room. The nurse brought me some crackers and juice and so I just laid down. My legs were tingly and started shaking and I felt so cold. So the nurse brought me in some warm blankets, and I covered up and took a little nap. A little while later Kooper and Katie came back and we took some pictures and shortly after they brought Brantley back.  We took some more pictures and then headed to the mother baby unit. 

Once we got upstairs I wanted to order some food and we were 10 minutes to late. The kitchen was closed :( Luckily my Mom, Kyle, and Nicole were headed over and stopped and got us food! They took Brantley again to check his levels and 20 minutes later brought him back and said let's try skin to skin again for 15-20 minutes and see if he can control his breathing.  That didn't help and they came back and took him :( they said they would keep him in the NICU all night and monitor him and do some tests. They thought maybe he might have an infection and if that was the case he would need some antibiotics and an IV.  Later that night after I had gone to the bathroom(which didn't hurt! I was so scared because with Adilee it hurt so bad, so that was a relief)  they let me go for a walk so we walked downstairs to check on him. They were trying to start an IV and it was so sad. They had said they were going to do it in his arm but when we went they were trying the veins in his head. They couldn't get one placed and so they had to try over and over again and so we went back upstairs. 
It was weird not having Brantley with us that night, I had to pump in the middle of the night so he could have some food. Once again my milk comes in full shot and I pumped enough for 3 feedings. 

Sunday October 29th, 2017: Our baby boy had a miraculous turn around and was perfectly fine the next morning. The x-rays and labs came back negative and they think he had a small pocket of fluid in his lungs. He came up and spent the whole day with us as if he wasn't in the NICU. The nurses came and checked on us maybe like 3 times is all and that night around 8PM we got to go home! 

We had a fast, quick and good time in the hospital. We were blessed with great nurses, aids, doctors and everyone that helped us welcome our baby boy into this world! We are so grateful for him that he is home and healthy! Here is the link to a better quality video.. 

If you are wondering why Adi is so sad at the end.. Grandma and Nicole dropped her off with Kelly and as much as she loves Kelly it's a hard trade with them both! She was fine after a few minutes!

Also in the video you can hear Brantley trying to breath.

All photos and video are credited to the talented Katie Vandyke.. She was like a shadow and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all, yet she was able to capture the perfect moments. It made it so much easier on Kooper and I. We didn't have to think about the photos we wanted, we didn't have to worry about missing certain moments, and we just got to be there in the moment, and still get these wonderful memories to look back at. Check out more of her work here...

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