Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Adilee 4 Months

This little nugget has gotten so big!! She has changed quite a bit in 1 month...

-Weighs 13.9 lbs
-She doesn't really smile much for pictures, every time I get the camera out she just stares at you.
-Starting to roll, can get to her side and arches her neck back and then screams because she can't do it.. BUT she can now do it! Her first time was 3.4.16 and she did it for Tera. I was so sad! But she did it again several times the next day again. 
Has become quite the hair puller, if my hair is down. She usually has a chunk of it. 
-Has really found her tongue. She sticks it out, or will suck on her upper lip its quite funny!
-Loves to rumble her lips, and slobbers so much when she does. 
-When she is getting tired, she starts to make grunting noises.
LOVES to be rocked to sleep, her Daddy is pretty good at that. 
-Still likes to suck on her hands. She has figured out how to suck her thumb; we've had to start putting gloves on. 
-Still wearing a size 1 Diaper
-Still wearing 0-3 month onsies (about to switch)
-Sleeps really good at night. Most nights only wakes up once! She has even had a couple 12-13 hour nights from 7-7 or 8-7.. it is heavenly!!! The first time she went all night I looked at the monitor and she was moved and it freaked me out, well I went in her room and no big deal she just had completely turned sideways. 
-Toots so loud!  Especially in the morning and during Sunday School (without fail.)
-Has started to really grab things, and just move her hand back and forth like she is saying hi.

and there there she goes.. WHOOPS
These feet.. I love them, even if they are ALWAYS sweaty...

The faces she pulls kill me!

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