Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our little life...

I pretty much suck at blogging lately! I'm terrible.. The last posts are Adilee 1 month, Adilee 2 Month, Adilee 3 month.. and so forth.. Don't worry there is still Kooper, Sampson, and a little bit of me around here. This little family right here .. its all that I dreamed of.

^Kim got us tickets to the Jazz game and we really enjoyed it! We had a fun time going with them, and the Jazz won to top it off!
Just a little bit of family time... 

^We went to state wrestling to watch Rhett wrestle. He rocked it and got 2nd place!
 This right here is the best cookie making buddy ever! She doesn't even try to eat the cookie dough!
 ^I've grown to love walks.. Especially when I get to push this cute girl.. Usually she always falls asleep but thats alright..
For some reason this right here is a man thing.. And it scares me! Not when he is on flat services, but when he does it on the bleachers or some unstable spot it scares the crap out of me. 
 Sometimes Sampson gets the shaft now that Adilee is here. One night while Adilee was asleep he just cuddled up with us and it was so cute! I love this little dog, and I hope him and Adilee like each other one day.
My little John Deere girl.. One day this little sweetheart will be a tractor riding fool. 
The bottom is the first time she had food.. 3.11.16. She had cereal and didn't really care much for it AT ALL. The second day she had sweet potatoes and she seemed to really like it.  Then today 3.13.16 she had them again and once again didn't really care for it. It is so fun to see her reaction though. 
Malads biggest loser group met and did some BeachBody! It was so much fun!
 ^ This was the first time she laughed out loud.. Kooper would lay down and then lift his head and scream and she thought it was the funniest thing.. It was adorable!

Look look look at this.. not very often do I get her smiles and I got 2!!!
I can't wait for this girl to move home.. It's really great to have her in our family now! And I can't wait till they are closer!
Sometimes we work out and the kids get to join us.. 
^ This is my absolute favorite.. I don't know why I love it so much but I do.. Her little hoodie first off is adorable and that smile.. ahh it kills me..

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