Monday, April 4, 2016

Life During March

 Here is a little RECAP of March.. 
 We went to Utah March 20th and so I took Adilee to see Grandpa's grave and say Happy Birthday! I sure do miss him and wish he was here to see my little girl..
 Andrew had a little birthday party.. So we had to stop and say hi!!
My awesome friend Hannah got her mission call to serve in Ogden helping others who have disabilities. She is so awesome and such a good example!
 Malads finest color run! 1st color station, sprayed by yours truly :)

 Easter Egg Hunt
 The best Poppy and Bamma... (I knew taking pictures of little ones was hard, but to get all three of these cuties looking was near impossible)
Its even hard to get a cute picture of the 3 of us!!
 see... :)

Snap chat at its finest hahah
Adilee got swim diapers, sunglasses and a bunny for easter! All in time for summer, and I think she's pretty thrilled!
 We also took Adilee swimming for the first time and she loved it! Okay maybe she didn't have a preference she kind of just floated around not really knowing what she was doing..
For Young Womens we colored Easter Eggs, and none of the girls really cared to take any home. So we got left with 3 dozen! 
 A couple Non-Picture Events

 I quit my job to be a stay at home mommy and signed up to be a health and fitness coach! So far this year has been going pretty good, and March was a good month for us!

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