Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adilee 3 Months

Since Adilee turned 3 months and it was LOVE MONTH :) we had to have a little photo shoot! I sure do love this little girl of mine! She brings us so much happiness. 

A little about her this month...
-She no longer likes a pacifier, not interested AT ALL, unless your rubbing her gums!
-LOVES to suck on her fists, no matter how many times we pull them out she keeps trying.
-Has turned into a drooling machine!
-Loves to makes bubbles.. Especially with DAD!
-Likes basketball games, she just slowly follows all the players (Usually shes 5 sec. behind)
-Still wearing a size 1 Diaper
-Still wearing 0-3 month onsies
-Sleeps really good at night. Most nights only wakes up once! Usually will go anywhere from 10-4 then up again at 7 or 8. Sometimes will even sleep 7 hours!
- Takes usually 2 really good naps(2-3 hours) and a couple short ones (15-45 min)
-Loves to coo,and loves when you rumble your lips. 
-Likes you to hold her so she could see other people..
-Will fall asleep while your patting her back on your shoulder (its my favorite.. I love her little cuddles)
-Is so smiley in the mornings! Especially when we get her out of bed! 
-Has already figured out the camera and will not smile when its out! (stinker)
-Loves to kick and swim in the bath! (all by herself)
-Had her 2 month shots, was a champ! Screamed her head off for probably 1 minute and then was good.
-Still nursing really good, and takes a bottle really good.
-She hates being left alone, but loves to lay on the ground.
-She gets scared when its really loud!

Everyone just loves her.. she is one loveable baby! We go to basketball games and she gets passed around! Sweet little girl has so much support! We love you little girl! 

  ^Look at those rolls on her legs!!
  ^This outfit is seriously the cutest thing ever!

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  1. I wish it was me that was kissing her all over.


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