Saturday, January 9, 2016

Adilee 2 Months

Little Miss Adi Rae
I can't believe you are already 2 months old.. it blows my mind. You are so stinkin fun, and we love you! Here are a little things you like to do...

-You like to blow bubbles
-You always look pist at the world
-You only smile when your half asleep and it's adorable.
-You now wear size 1 diapers
-You usually fall asleep in the car, but will wake up if we are not moving.
-You love your new play mat, and will kick and kick at the piano on it. 
-Your newborn clothes no longer fit you, the pants are okay but the tops are to short. 
-You are starting to sleep longer at night. Usually a stretch from 5-7 hours and then a 3 hour one. 
-You got blessed this month! January 3rd! Pictures HERE...
-You like to kick your legs in the bath.
-You started going to a babysitter this week while momma went to work.. Makes my little mamma heart so sad, but you have some good people to watch you. Amanda Brown and Bamma..
-You've had to get your foot poked 3 times for the PKU test, but this time it finally worked!
-I weighed you at work and you've went up to 10lbs 11oz.
-You like to give us cross-eyed looks as you can tell from the pictures below..

We really love you baby girl! You are so much fun and we love watching you grow!

^Her legs are starting to get chunky!
Look how big she looks there!

^Seriously look how big she looks! She is only 2 months!!
 "Hey mom I really want to be done taking pictures"
You can find her 1 month pictures here...

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  1. Lacey she is such a doll!! I bet you are the best mama. XO


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