Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adilee's Blessing Day

My sweet Adilee got blessed this past Sunday on January 3rd by her daddy. It was so neat and such a great experience for Kooper and I. Kooper told me "Ya know how you had your moment when she was born? Well I had my moment blessing her." I am so grateful Kooper holds the Priesthood and is able to give her blessings whenever she needs. We had a lot of family come visit and be there for this special day. She is one loved little girl! 

For some reason my camera didn't have a picture with my mom.. That will be coming 
-Yes this is the best picture we got as a family.. 
What were we thinking, she obviously wasn't very happy! 
^Missing Krichele, Jason, and the boys.. They went back to church at their ward.

^ look at this nice beard he's grown

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  1. Hahahaha all those close up ones I was just taking on your camera!!! She's so cute. So happy we got to be there on her special day!


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