Saturday, April 9, 2016

Adilee 5 Months

I have a 5 month OLD. When I tell myself I think, Man has it really been 5 months already. To you 5 months is no big deal, but for me its so long! I have loved this stage that she is in.. Although at the same time I kind of hate it.. only for a couple reasons...

1. She can roll from her back to her tummy, and thats it! She gets stuck and will cry if she is there to long. (She also only rolls over on her right side) 
2. She wants to sit up ALL the time. And she can for a good 15-20 seconds but then if your not close by she will come crashing down!

those are the only reasons I hate it though... :) and how can you really hate that.. Right?

Here are some other fun things about her!

  • She SMILES like crazy now! She is such a happy baby!
  • She goes to sleep anywhere from 7-9pm and wakes up around 7-8am. Every now and then she will make it all night, but most often she wakes up once around 2-4. 
  • She takes her first nap by 10:30-11:00 and that usually lasts 40min-3hour
  •  Usually she will take 2 more 30 minute naps in there after
  • She is wearing a size 2 Diaper
  • She is wearing size 3-6 month onsies
  • She loves to watch Carter and Wheeler (I think they will be friends :) )
  • She loves to rumble her lips still
  • She is starting to coo and caa a lot more
  • She has eaten cereal, sweet potatoes, beef(she didn't like), blueberries(did okay with them) and a sweet surprise? She does pretty good with the cereal and everything else is a hit or miss.
  • She GIGGLES now.. and it's so cute! I love hearing her little laughs
  • She loves to go on walks(at least mom does)! She usually falls asleep though! 
  • She loves to read books! She is starting to hold the pages now.
  • When you put your face up to her she likes to grab it now, and she still pulls your hair!
  • She went swimming for her first time (out to Hess's)! She just floated and didn't show much excitement but didn't hate it either! 
  • She went on her 1st Tractor ride! At first she was so excited, and then shortly after the bumps put her to sleep. 
  • She gets to spend all day with Mommy and we love it!
 She is starting to grab Sampson, and he doesn't really like it! 
They will have a love/hate relationship I think!
 Here are a couple to show her features..
 She still doesn't have much hair.. but thats OKAY! Then we don't have to worry about it yet ;)
 No teeth yet but is ALWAYS drooling!
 Her little hands and feet are starting to get big.. It makes me sad!

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