Saturday, April 23, 2016

Need something to make you smile?

This little goof is to darn cute for her own good! She is such a happy baby and loves smiling for the camera! I had so many cute pictures that I wanted to make sure they were blogged about! Seriously I now know why moms post overloads of pictures.. How can you just pick one? I mean you can't!
Her new thing is to throw her hands up in the air! And give you this big cheesy smile!

Practicing her royal wave ;)

Who's a big girl? I AM!

^Look at that little spike! Her hair is coming!
 ^She kind of looks like a boy all decked out in Red, but she's out little Red Riding Hood!

She's getting so big and can hold herself up for quite awhile! As long as she doesn't start tipping backwards we are good!

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  1. just saw this blog post! she really looks so much like both of you.
    shes so cute. can't wait to see her on Wednesday!!!!


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