Friday, September 16, 2016

Adilee 10 Months

My sweet sweet baby.. where in the world did the time go.. How are you 10 months already?! It just blows my mind..
This stage is so much fun. You have SOOO much personality. You are the BEST and HAPPIEST baby. That is, if you had a nap and your tummy is full. :)

A little bit about you this past month.

You wear size 6-9 month clothing.
You wear size 3 diapers.
You have 0 Teeth.
Weighs about 17 pounds.
You still take 2 two hour naps(usually).
You have slept through the night the past 2 weeks. Sometimes you wake up but if I wait long enough you go back to sleep :) (Usually its not very long)
You love to stand. And walk around holding with one hand.
You go num num num and smack your teeth anytime you see any kind of food. (even if its dog food)
You hate to get your diaper changed now.. At least when I lay you down you start crying.
You love to crawl in your car seat on the ground.. but hate when I first put you in it. 
When I say "Where is your ball?" you will find it.
You are a speedy crawler and can get places fast.
You like to crawl behind the couch, or stand by the T.V stand and turn the T.V off.
You love to take Baths, your recently crawled(FELL) in the tub while Sampson was getting a bath.
You love the baby cheetos, rice rusks, puffs and cookies.
You like to smack your food on the counter first, then eat it.. You also like to smack everything else.. including yourself. Sometimes you just keep hitting your face.. (silly girl)
When you get mad you clench your fists and shake your face and scream.. Its quiet hilarious.
You LOVE to push/walk your walker.
We had to lower your crib to the BOTTOM.
You have been to the Boise and Blackfoot Fair

We attempted using the 10month sticker but all she wanted to do was eat it..
So there for you'll see it in like one or two pictures..

Standing up all by herself like a big girl!

9 Months HERE


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