Friday, September 30, 2016

Blackfoot 2016

 Blackfoot fair is always one of my favorites.. For a couple reasons.. 
1. It's close to Rexburg so we always see a couple of our favorite people!
2. They have by far the best food!
3. The weather is usually not to hot, but not to cold!

 Someone has to introduce this cute to the cows.. I think it was safe to say she liked them!

 We went on almost every ride it was pretty fun! Kooper and Teresa were spinning that ride so fast, and Wheeler was hating it.. They were loving it! So glad I wasn't on that ride with them! 
 That was the tiniest helicopter I have ever squeezed in.. and the ride on the right was seriously the funniest ride.. Everytime we turned I slammed into Kooper and I was dying laughing.. 

 Adilee was awake just in time to ride the carousel.. She loved it.. 

 There is a fun picture of last year found here... 

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