Saturday, October 8, 2016

Adilee 11 Months

ADI GIRL.. oh my oh my.. 

This sweet girl has so much sass and so much personality. I love it. I love her. 

No one really ever tells you what it's really like to be a mom. It's kind of indescribable and something you just learn. I remember people always saying it just comes naturally and boy it sure does. Don't get me wrong there are still plenty of things I ask my mom, mother in law or google :) Being a mom is so worth it. Worth the messy diapers, clothes covered in food and boogers, early bedtimes, and tantrums. Worth every bit of it. 

Adilee this past month... 
My little girl weighing in at a whopping17lbs
Still has 0 Teeth
Wears size 3 Diapers
Still fits into 6-9 Month Clothes.
She still has tiny feet and can only wear 0-6month shoes.
Takes 2 Naps and still sleeps through the night. 
Has dirty blonde hair (some people ask if it has a red tint, I don't see it)
Has mastered walking! Started off with 3 steps, but it only took one week and she has it down.
Loves to wave. Usually its a sideways wave, but she gets the point.
Knows who Sampson is. 
Loves to say DADA, and mama occasionally(usually when she's hungry) and of course Bam..
Everytime she hears the door open or close she gets excited and goes to find Dad..
Still loves the bath.. She loves to dump everything in the tub with her(all the other shampoos)
When you ask "What does the cow say" she will moo or just make a noise.
Loves juice and smacks her lips when she's thirsty (Everytime Dad gets home she wants a drink)
Loves to go ah ah ah with her hand to her mouth. (Pictured below)
Loves to eat real food... She will eat a whole piece of pizza, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on.  If she see's you eating there is no way she wants any baby food. She wants the good stuff. 
Stands on EVERYTHING.. 
Loves to get into things.. like she dumps all Sampson's toys out and gets in his basket, or she empties the bathroom drawer and climbs into it. 
She can drink out of a straw now! Sometimes she sucks so much and then just spits it out. I think she likes the feeling of water running down her face.
Still loves her tongue.. is always sticking it out.
Loves to watch mom do her make up and loves the feeling of the brush on her face.
She hates it when you lay her down to get her dressed or change her diaper she just screams. 

Adilee 10 Months HERE
9 Months HERE
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  1. you need to blog more AND change your flipping photo to one with adliee! she's almost a year old! ha ha


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