Monday, July 18, 2016

Adilee 8 Months old

~She loves to crawl! Has it mastered! She loves to pick up her right leg and almost walk/crawl if that makes sense. 
~She says mom mom mom, and dad dad dad and bam bam bam... She mainly says mom when she is sad or hungry or just when she wants me! 
~She loves to stand up on EVERYTHING. Especially our end table and pull everything off it. 
~She loves to get in the tub! I take her clothes off and start filling up the water and she climbs up and starts hitting the tub and is so happy.
~Every time she wakes up she climbs up in her crib and starts hitting the edge till I come get her. 
~ She still sleeps like 8:30-7:30 and wakes up once. 
~Takes 2 naps, usually 10-12 and 3-5 ish
~ If she is tired and we are out and about, as soon as we put her in her carseat she's out!
~She is still wearing size 3 diapers, and has NO TEETH!
~ She loves to eat, especially everything you are eating!
~She is very happy and is ALWAYS smiling. 
~ Rode her first airplane! Was a champ (only cried a couple times.) We flew to Flordia for Vacation! Went to Busche Gardens and Seaworld. Loved the animals. 

Pictures below are how this lucky little girl spent her 8 month old day..  At the airport, on the airplane, and at the beach! Mom and Dad sure do love you Adi Girl... 

7 Months HERE

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