Wednesday, July 6, 2016


To start of the 4th we missed our alarm! Good thing Malad has Cannons going off at 6 am! They woke us up and got us to the 5k on time! I am so glad I have this guy to motivate and push me! He can go out and run like its no big deal! My goal was 27 minutes and I got 29 so I guess thats okay! ;) I still did it! Adi participated in her 2nd 5k (her first was last year in my belly)!!

 Then we came home, took a shower, got ready and headed to the parade!
I think its safe to say Adi liked it.. She smiled and was entertained by all the commotion. 

^ I don't remember what she was doing, but it looks pretty funny. 

^The lighting was kinda weird in this but I thought it looked pretty cool!

Every time we would try and get a picture she would turn and look at something else.

 ^Carter and Wheeler were in the parade so us big kids got all the candy!

 Look how cute they are!

 Tad throwing candy!

My little young wild & free firecracker!

 Nice one Kyle! :)

After the parade we hung out at the house for a bit and then went to the park again for the kid races. Last year I was so excited like oh yeah she will be crawling by then! Well she learned about a week ago how and does pretty good! So today we sat her on the grass and she didn't care much about going fast, she made it but very slowly. Even with lots of things for her to get she just wanted to play with the grass. But she came in 2nd! Out of three ;) the other little ones got up and started walking!

Between this face and squishing her face up her face might get stuck! It cracks me up!

After everything at the park we came back to Poppy and Bammas and played 
games and ATE and ATE and ATE

Then we went back to the park for Malads got talent and the fireworks! For being a small town, I think the fire department does a pretty good job!

 I really love this family of mine!

We had a pretty great 4th of July.. This little town sure is wearing on me. I don't think I'd want to be anywhere else! 

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  1. Your family shirts are the COOLEST! I love them all. It looks like you had the perfect 4th celebration.


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