Saturday, July 2, 2016

Girls Camp 2016

I know I know I am a little slow at posting this but I finally finished the video!! Girls camp was so much fun and we had a great time. I am the 1st counselor in the Young Women's and so I got to go up as a leader! It was a great experience. I love our ward and I love our Young Women! We have some really great girls! 

This year was stake girls camp up at Honock. It was nice to have stake camp for my first year as a leader so I could see what it was like! The Stake Leaders planned a great camp! 

The girls has a lot of fun! They painted all over each other with face paint, gave each other jedi braids, played the cup game, played pterodactyl(which was so fun, there are a couple short clips at the end of the video,) played the animal game, BS, they even did a few pranks and sat around the camp fire! 

Adi  also went to GIRLS CAMP! She stayed the whole time and co-slept with me in the tent! She was a champ, the girls all love her and helped out a ton! She had a double ear infection and the antibiotics she was on were supposed to give her diarrhea. I'd say Heavenly Father was looking out for us, because the couple days up there we were good!!! We had a blowout right when we got home, as I took her out at the church it was EVERYWHERE. 

We had a good turn out! Robyn (our president), Cherly (our camp director), Me, and then the girls
Krista, Justice, Kambree, Katie, Chelsey, Arvilla, Jacee, Tess, Holly, Hailey, Ella, Brooklyn, Kylie, Oaklie, Shawna, and Mackinly...

Here is a video! Its 10 minutes long so I added some pictures in case you didn't want to watch the whole thing! But there is some videos at the end :)  Here is the link if it doesn't work... 

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