Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to the best Father out there! 
I am so lucky that I married such a great man but this little girl is even luckier to have such a great DAD!  

A little about her dad..
1. He works VERY VERY HARD! 
2. He LOVES to farm.
3. He hates to sit for to long, he gets bored and feels lazy.
4. He loves to watch shows like Gold Rush, Duck Dynasty, and even will watch Bachelorette with mom. 
5. He can make both me and mom smile better than anyone else. 
6. He is so skinny and likes to lose weight in the summer because he's working so much.
7. He never says no.. well hardly.
8. He is such a good person and rarely ever complains.
9. He is easy going and easy to get along with. 
10 Me and Mom LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Happy Fathers Day Kooper... 
    here is a little of what it took to get your picture at the end. :)

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  1. How cute, Happy Late Father's Day, Your the best.


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