Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nile Stockshow 2016

Guys.. lets first just take a look at this handsome fella right here. :) Okay now that we're done with that.. This was the first time going to the Nile Stock Show in Billings, Montana. I really enjoyed this trip, and wouldn't mind going again next year! 

These two were "quiet" the travel buddies(get it.. quiet haha)... okay okay but not really the trip went by so fast! 

Below are a couple photos of the trip and our experience. We ended up getting the back row which was really nice because the people on one side of us didn't show up. And being on the back row meant we didn't have anyone else across from us. Adilee walked back and forth and back and forth, and always wanted to be in the water. 

 We had to blow her off a couple times to try and dry her out.. 
 The man behind the clean cows :) 
 She loves her DAD

Hard working men right here!

Not very often does Danny get to show.. This had to be documented!
Father and Son right next to each other.. 

 Reserve Champion Bull... If we were the judges he would've been GRAND! 

She loves the cows.. but for some reason this one time she didn't want to be by her.

 She loves the cows and every time we say what does the cow say she MOOO's

 Go ahead Zoom in on that hand and look at that lovely wet poop all over it...
 Family of Three photo for the win! Good Smile Adilee
 Look how cute these two are! Thanks for the fun trip Poppy and Bamma, thanks for letting us tag along with you. We had a good time, hope you did too!

A couple non-pictured events..
We stayed in a suite and so that meant Koop and I had a pull out bed.. The first night we pulled it out and holy cow.. talk about springes. There was NO padding and it was AWFUL. That was a bad night!

Our hotel had hot breakfast and the cook made a smiley face on all of our pancakes. What a nice lady..

When your food was ready they would yell your name. We heard Danny so Poppy went to get his food, only to bring it back and realize it wasn't the right order. It belonged to the young kid behind us. Then they called Dan and he was walking up and another guy went and grabbed it.. Don't worry the next one was Dan again and he got the right plate.

Speaking of food.. we had some pretty good meals. Except don't EVER get the mac and cheese with chicken from Applebees that stuff is NASTY.. oh and if your Bamma don't eat to much spinich artichoke dip or your belly will hurt really bad.

The first night at the hotel we had to get in the hot tub. As soon as we stepped foot in this sweet 73 year old lady filled us in on the debate, and all about Trump and Hillary. And how she canceled her flight so that she didn't miss the debate..oh and how she swam with the dolphins while she was in Hawaii. When I am that age I hope I can swim, let alone walk!

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