Monday, August 8, 2016

Adilee 9 Months

Guys my baby has been out longer than she was inside of me! That fact just blows my mind! I can't believe my little girl is 9 MONTHS ALREADY! I have loved being a mom so much, especially her mom. She makes having a baby easy, and so worth it. Sure she can be a stinker sometimes, but those short moments can't even compare to the great moments we have with her! Let me tell you a little bit about her this month!!!

I look back at 8 months and everything I said there she has basically mastered. 
Wears Size 3 Diapers.
Wears 6-9 Months clothes, a lot of 3-6 month pants.
She is a FAST crawler, she moves everywhere! 
She has ZERO teeth! (I am not complaining)
She loves to feed herself now, she wants to do it all by herself.
She LOVES bananas, green beans, puffs and Yogurt Bites
She has learned how to throw a fit. And throws her head back to cry.
She is very tough, often hits her head or falls over but doesn't cry. 
She LOVES to swing and gets the biggest smirk.
She enjoys the water! She did Mom + Tots and loved it!
She loves other kids and just gets so excited when her cousins are around!
She can clap YAY, wave BYE, give Hi-Fives, Give Kisses. 
She loves her Pig stuffed animal in her crib. 
Sleeps like a champ, still all night or only wakes up once. 
LOVES her naps, still usually gets 2 two hour naps a day!
Loves to get in Sampsons food and water bowls, no matter where I hid them she finds them. 
I have to sweep everyday because she picks up everything and eats it. 
She loves to pull the DVDs off my bookshelf.
I'll do her stats tomorrow after her app.

She really is the best baby! I think Heavenly Father Sent her first so that we would have MORE!

She has learned how to throw a fit! 
The photo after this her head is thrown all the way back! 
It's quiet funny, and I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it!

Every month I have a picture with her and Sampson just to see how much she grows!

This was totally a wink! We are going to have to watch the boys with this girl!

7 Months HERE

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  1. Tell her grandma is coming tomorrow. Can't wait to see her.


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