Sunday, July 31, 2016

July in Full SWING!

Summer is in full swing around the Daniel's Family! AND WE LOVE IT! Oh man this summer has been a good one, and it has been very BUSY! I am failing at blogging and its like I all of a sudden blog a month worth of pictures and I'm sure half of the people that read this just get bored and close out! (If anyone actually does read this?)
Adi went to her first Rodeo.. Idahos famous stone rodeo ;)
This was her reaction most of the time.. like way excited or not very interested. 

Adi and I did "Mom and Tots" at the pool.. We learned how to go under water, bob like tiger, kick our piggies, make rainbows, wave goodbye, and sing if you're happy and you know it! Thanks Kami for being a great teacher! 

 Then we went to Adi's second rodeo.. Supposedly the real "Idaho's Famous Rodeo" Which I'd have to admit was pretty good!

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