Monday, July 25, 2016

Flordia 2016 Part 2

I have to make 2 parts to our trip because there are sooo many pictures!! Part two is all about Seaworld and Busche Gardens! Part 1 is here... 

Busche Gardens.. 

This was a great park but not a great day. IT was HOT, and there was lightning and thunder in the area and so I'm not kidding for like 4 hours EVERYTHING was shut down and I mean everything. We would get to a ride and it would shut down, then we would get food and the rides would be up so we would hurry and by the time got in line it was shut down again. We almost left and had only been one 1 ride, but decided to go watch one last show. Good thing we did because after all the rides were back up and we made it to all of them! Everyone said how the rides there are sooo good and fun but I didn't care for them that much. Personally I think Universal and Islands of Adventure are WAYYYYY better! Like WAYYYYYYYY WAYYYY BETTER! But it was still fun. We didn't take a lot of pictures because for a little while we kept walking around saying"This sucks... This really sucks.. It's so hot.. Let's go home... " One good perk is here they do the child swap where they give you a card and you're supposed to wait the wait time (but you get to outside and can walk around) and then you come back at your time and go up the exit. Only one made us do that, the rest just let us go up the exit and get straight on.. That was really nice! I felt like Bushe Gardens didn't have near as many cool things to look at either... They had some animals here and there but nothing all themed out.  It still turned out good once everything was working! 

Mom is such a fun grandma

Then their is Seaworld which I really liked! We tried to hit as many rides as we could first just in case the weather got bad, and I'm glad we did. We only missed one ride which I heard was one of the best but oh well! 

Lets first talk about their rides.. Manta: This one is pretty cool, you are basically doing the ride facing the ground the whole time except one part your on your back going backwards.. Its definitely one you don't want to miss..

Antartica Empire of the Penguin: The ride is boring and not really worth it unless you have younger kids because they can ride it. The coolest part is going to see the penguins though, they have the room at like 32 degrees. So its freezing and the penguins are all over and up close! Definitely a neat thing to go look at.

Mako: My favorite ride personally. You are only strapped at the waist so it feels like you are going to fall out, scary but still fun! 

Journey to Atlantis: Koop and I sat in the front row and got soaked, so that was a nice refreshed. You go through the ride and down the big hill and are like well thats lame that was short but it tricks you and keeps going. 

Kracen was the one we missed and skytower wasn't open, but the rest we're lame! 

But the thing about Seaworld is it's more about the animals. We went to the Dolphin show and the Shamu show. They were both pretty cool, its crazy how they train those animals! 

Tip: Buy the all day dining pass at the first of the day! It's so worth it, and you can totally share and get as much as you want whenever you want! 

The quality is not the greatest because I took a picture of the screen but I just love this picture so much! If it wasn't like $15 I would of bought one. 

During the Dolphin show the lady was dancing on the wires Adi was like what the heck is going on... 
Both of them are like come on... We don't want to wear these dumb hot hats!

Do you think we could pull as sisters??
The only we one we took of all us "Kids" what were we thinking!

The animals amaze me.. I think these people have the COOLEST job!

I've decided things like this are so much more fun when you have kids!

Trent was a pretty good uncle.. He'd push the stroller or entertain the kids..

This was one of my favorite parts.. The park was pretty empty because the lightning and thunder hit and since it was almost closing time, everyone just left. Well we went over to look at the dolphins and no one was by them! During the shows they feed them ice and fish so we started feeding them ice and they all swarmed us.. there faces were so cute! We got a big enough crowd and then the workers finally seen us and made us stop but it was fun while it lasted. 

We were so close to the Stadium we had to go check it out! To bad we couldn't go inside though!

REad about when we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure HERE

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  1. This is good, great pictures. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

    LOVE YOU mom


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