Monday, July 25, 2016

Florida 2016 Part 1

A couple years ago Koop and I went to Florida with Trevor and Cynthia and had a great time( Read about that HERE,) so this year we were thinking about it and just decided lets go! I'm glad we did, and this trip was even better because we had Adilee to enjoy it along with my mom and brother Trent. To start off we took a red eye Thursday night at 10:45. I thought it would be perfect, we would sleep the whole way(which for the most part we did.) BUT we got there at 5 am! So we got our rental car and headed off to Daytona to spend the day at the beach! The weather was sooo hot and soo humid and it was still early! But we spent the day at the beach until we could check in to our hotel, once we finally could it was nap time!

We loved Daytona's Beach, the sand was soft and it was a pretty nice beach. The only thing I didn't like was the salt water, but you can't change that! 

Adi's 8 month day was today, so of course we had to take a picture in the sand. She was sleeping and we were about to leave so we weren't going to do it but just as we were leaving she woke up, so we took her clothes off and played one last time. 

She loved the sand! It got everywhere though, all over.. Even in her bum crack... :/
Mom was trying to take a picture of Adilee crawling in the sand and wasn't paying attention and the wave hit and covered her face.. poor thing got salt in her eyes and was not happy.. 

 It was so hot my lens would fog over every time I got it out.. 
 My Mom thinks she is so funny.

Some days this view would be great everyday! But I admit I think I like my mountains a little bit better :) I think the beach was definitely one of my favorites though. I love the warm water and the waves!

After Daytona we went to meet up with everyone else! We had a big birthday dinner for my mom (Thanks to Trevor and Cynthia and especially her aunt Lucy who made the amazing food!) We haven't all been together on her birthday for over 7 years, so she was pretty excited!

Austin kept feeding her puffs and it was so funny! 

These two meeting for the first time.. 

Adi wanted his sippy cup not hers...
I really like this picture
All mom wanted was a picture of both her grandkids.. We tried so hard, but do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a grandma that talks during pictures, a toddler that wants to play, and a baby that just stares at you. 

Two grandmas and two grandkids... 
This picture cracks me up, it just shows the behind the scenes of wiggly children...

We spent a lot of time at the resort.. It is such a nice resort and really has so much to do! We are so grateful that we got to stay all together as a family and be together(because lets be honest that doesn't happen very often, thanks Trevor and Cynthia for sharing your space. And Steve and Dolly for letting them add more people!!)We hung out at the pool, on the giant slip in slide, played sand volleyball, bean bag toss, air hockey, mini golf, golf, and more! It was a great time!

 I mean look at this poor thing.. even she was sweating! And this wasn't even more than 30 minutes out of the car!

 My sweet pool babe loved the water... 

 We picked the golden time to play volleyball, it was overcast and actually felt pretty good!  Man I miss volleyball! And playing in the sand is pretty fun!

One point during mini golf Koop was so hot he got in the little stream on the side..

Austin Really liked mini golfing, and Adi really wanted a nap!
We did a couple of the resort games such as air hockey, and the bean bag toss. Trevor & Cynthia, Trent & Kooper both lost at the bean bag toss and mom and I moved on! Mom actually did pretty got and kept sinking them! Then the next day we played air hockey and I won!
The last night we decided to do an escape room, I'd never heard of them before but I am so glad we did. It was pretty cool! We did prison break. So we were split up and locked into two different prison cells where we had to help each other and make it through three separate rooms! There were numbers on the wall, a big magnetic puzzle, chess pieces, and so many random things we had to do in order to "break out" it was way cool! At first I was like there is no way we are going to be able to do this, but we figured it out! There is only a 1% completion rate and we made it out with 2 minutes!! 
After that we went to this huge catapult thing where Trevor and Trent went on it. I think it said it went higher than 390 feet. Well they didn't even scream or even flinch it seemed like.. They get done and was like well that was boring. haha I would have peed my pants.

On the way home Adi didn't get her own seat but Trent sat next to us, so that was a lot better than having a stranger.. And the two seats to the right ended up being empty so mom moved back into them.. Adi slept the first two hours, and then played for an hour with mom then slept again.. It was nice having someone to pass her off to for a little bit. :)

Such a great trip! Thank you Trevor, Cynthia, Dolly, and Steve we appreciate all that you did for us, letting us stay and for having a great time!

Check out part 2.. Its about Seaworld and Busche Gardens here....

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