Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Florida Baby

 We finally booked a VACATION! Koop and I have done tons of fun things, but nothing that involved flying somewhere else! We never got the chance to go on a real honeymoon so this was our delayed "Honeymoon." To start off our trip we woke up at 4Am and headed to Salt Lake to board our flight to Florida! We headed to Phoenix and then straight to Florida from there! The flights worked out as planned and we made it quick and easy!

 When we first step outside the airport we both just kind of groaned.. 
IT is HOT AND HUMID!  But it was so pretty and different than Idaho. 
The main reason we went to Florida was because my Brother Trevor and his Fiance Cynthia invited us to come to their time share with her family.  They invited us last year but we couldn't because we were both in school. But luckily Cynthia likes us enough to invite us again! This time we made it work! We were originally going to share a bedroom with Trevor, Cynthia and Austin. It had two queen size beds, so we were okay with it. However,  her parents ended up getting a another place to stay and the 5 of us had our own place. It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit. It had a kitchen, a living room area and dinning area. It was perfect! Her parents are two of the nicest, most generous parents I have ever met.

This was the awesome resort we stayed at! It had so much to do and was way fun! We had a couple 
different pools,  a lazy river, the worlds largest inflatable slide, access to mini golf and much more. We definitely enjoyed it. 

One morning we woke up at 10 am and went to the pools, it was hot, sunny, 
and the water was the perfect refresher. We may or may not of got fried! 

Having a kitchen at the resort made it nice to save a little money and eat together! (Missing Cynthia, she's taking the picture)

One of the most exciting things about this whole trip was that I finally got to meet my nephew Austin, and he is the cutest thing!
 He is such a happy, content, and loveable baby! I wish he lived closer! I mean I was excited to see Trevor and Cynthia because it's been a long time, but when you have a baby they out rule you.

His dad has "Story Time" every morning! Good Dad Award right there!

Okay, you can't tell me he isn't just the cutest thing. 

Flordia rained every single night that we were there! It was nuts, it would be sunny and then all of a sudden it would just down pour! 
 ^ We were just enjoying the lazy river, and it started pouring, we had to book it to shelter. 

 On the plus side, every time it rained it cooled off at least 10 degrees. And it always looked beautiful after!
Just as we walk in TJ Max, they were leaving and there like oh by the way there is a cute Aunt Outfit in the 3-6 months.  If that wasn't hinted enough! ;) but of course once I saw the outfit I had to get it. It said "I Dig Auntie" with a tractor on the bum! It was very cute and I expect a picture when it fits him!

All my life I always wanted a sister. Luckily Trevor picked someone that I like.

I still can't believe my brother has a child. It still blows my mind! What an old fart!

We got a lot of good food and good treats! This shake was Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough. 
When I ordered it, I was unsure about my decision. But after tasting it, ahhh it is a very good mixture!
On this trip we also went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We had a great time at BOTH Of them..
Read about them HERE

 On our last day we woke up at 4 am and prepared for our flight home! We had gotten tickets from a friends dad who works for an airline company. (Which means we flew stand by.) On the way there we had no problem at all! On the way back was a different story! We flew from Orlando to North Carolina, and then to Philadelphia from there we basically were stuck. There was 52 people trying to get to Phoenix and we were not at the top of the list. With frustration, tears, and a little discouragement we bought new (expensive) tickets with another airline. It flew out the next morning!  We were scheduled to go to Chicago and then Salt Lake City. That didn't work out and we went from  Chicago to Denver, and then to Idaho Falls.

 Since we had all night in the airport we walked around the whole thing. We tried to find the most comfortable chair/couches and the warmest place. The airport was sooo freeezing cold! It sucked, but we found a pretty warm spot!
 So Sleepy!
 With no blankets we had to improvise. My skirt and a few shirts did the trick!

After the night in the Philadelphia airport we headed to Chicago! From there we were scheduled to Salt Lake City. Right before we boarded our flight to SLC it was canceled! The pilot was "SICK." Talk about bad luck! We talked to customer service and there was no way we could get back to SLC that day and maybe not even the next day. So we ended up getting on a flight to Idaho Falls. Which worked out, because we didn't have to make the 3 hour drive home. However, only one problem. Our car, puppy, koops truck keys, and our house keys were all in UTAH! Long story short.. we got it all worked out and made it HOME!

 Just as we were about to head to IF they told us there was some mechanical issues with the plane! I thought it was going to be canceled with the luck we were having! However it only took 10 minutes and we were good to good!
 Our last flight to Idaho Falls we were on a small plane. But we made it!  We got the VERY VERY last two seats.. by the lavatory!
Beside the last two days trying to get home we had a BLAST! 
Florida  is definitely a place that I could go on Vacation to EVERY YEAR!
 Maybe we might just have to make it an annual celebration.
That is if Cynthia invites us again ;)

Thanks Again, Cynthia, Trevor, Steve, Dolly and of course Little Austin. We would of never gone to Florida if it wasn't for you guys! Especially for Cynthia with the frequent questions "So have you thought about Florida, do you think you will come, we would love for you to come."


  1. How FUN!! We went to Florida on our honeymoon so I can totally relate! The rain and humidity made for some frizzy hair for me! haha glad you guys had a good time! very cute couple!

  2. Love this post too. Cool picture of everyone. ....Mom


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