Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Boise Fair 2016

I think I took 500 pictures this year during 2/5 days and then nothing on the other 3... Whoops! but at least I got two days right!?! Man I didn't realize how much of a difference shooting on manual would help in a barn like the show barn! I am so glad that I took a photography class (I took it from http://jessicahaderlie.com/, and I would recommend it 100%) 
My little dirty girl! She loved playing in the dirt, and the saw dust just stuck to her pants..

 Cute little Wheeler was there a day before Carter and we had a photoshoot of fun little pictures with him.. 

 Bahah this just cracks me up, my mom is scared and Adi is like dadada... 
Cute Carter and his heifer Ruby!

 He was to short to see the judge but he tried really hard!
 I wish this wasn't blurry of Jason because I really love it. 

Sometimes at first glance Kyle looks like he's Kooper and it throws me off!


The whole family minus Adi

 Kooper had this great idea that we all put our shorts and boots and and go down to do chores. Everyone kind of stared at us like you guys are weird... 

You can find the past fairs here

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