Friday, May 31, 2013

The Month of May

This Month we have been sooo BUSY! So here's a little recap of life.
1. Homework
2. School

That is the just of it! Not even kidding, all day everyday and repeat. I know boring right!
We have been gone a lot on the weekends and have been able to spend some time with pretty cool people.
1.Koop, Lace, Meg, and Greg all went to the Zoo! IT was Earth day and we got to see all the animals!

2.Went to Utah and went to the Bountiful temple with Jennie to receive her endowments, and also got to go to Megan Petersons Farewell, that girl is going to be a great missionary!

We also spent time at the Fairgrounds showing Steers, with Kennedy and Lindsey
3. For Memorial Day weekend we went to Island Park. We stayed with Cathy and Ray (Koopers Aunt and Uncle), went to Yellowstone with them and Darin, Shawna, Rhet and Sam it was really fun. We went hottubbing, played ping pong, sat around talked, rode 4-wheelers. We also saw Brian, Terri, Kennedy and Gavin up there to!
4. It was my 21st birthday May 26th! We spent the majority of the day at Yellowstone National Park. Big Present was a GoPro, so far I love it! (Took a picture in Montana, our goal is to one day get one is every 50 states.)
5. We both got new callings! Kooper is now the secretary of the Elders Quorum, and I am in the Nursery! We are excited about our new callings, and love being in both of them. I get to have snack time every Sunday and the kids are just too cute.
6. We went to the Temple and did Sealings for some family members names. It was a really cool experience! We loved it!
7. Went to Jennies WEDDING! It was in Salt Lake and was a really neat experience, she looked beautiful and the whole day turned out GREAT. Her and Brandon are going to be so happy together!I realized that my cousin Ben is the worst driver I've ever met, everyone always says Chelsey is bad, but I think Ben is worse!

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