Friday, October 4, 2013

The summer of a farmer

 Okay first off. This is what Kooper sees every morning unless its black skies (because its still dark outside) 
The life of a farmer consists of waking up early early in the morning. When its Harvest time some times it can be 2am or 3am you just never know. But for the most part everyday at 7:30 Kooper was out the door.

Then there is my view! I usually get this view of the sunrise.... Okay not much of a sunrise because the sun is already up but hey... But what do you expect, when you don't have a reason to get up its WAY HARDER. 

Then who knows what either of us would do all day. It just kind of depended on the day. Sometimes I would clean, do laundry, watch pretty little liars, sew, or just about anything! A lot of the days I got to babysit these two! They kept me pretty preoccupied. Luckily I am a nice aunt!

Sometimes I would go ride the tractor with Kooper, and help! Or even sometimes I'd be a nice wife and take him lunch! That was when he was close and had service. A lot of the time he would be at the head of Malad with no service. And considering I am not from Malad I don't really know quite where everything is and would get lost! But just sometimes I'd get to spend the day with my hubby, and Shadow would get to tag along.

 As you can tell those are my working gloves. I tagged them LD so nobody would accidentally think they were theirs. 
And if you look closely you can see how dirty they are. From all my hard workin!

then the day would come and go and once again depending on whats going on Kooper would come home! Usually about 8 8:30. He gets pretty tired and if he lays down usually falls asleep. 
(and yes. he fell asleep in that position, at first I thought he was faking it, but even with me laughing he never stirred) Then wouldn't you know it everything would start over and repeat itself!

Then other days I would get to ride! I could spend everyday up on the mountains riding my horse. If I had my own truck and trailer and knew what I was doing I'd be up there! This day we simply were riding for cows! I finally got to bring my horse back to Malad. Now anytime we go riding, I have my own horse to ride. And man I sure did miss him! He's been my baby for 12 years now!
Even Grandpa Rex still comes out and rides. Hes only 85 but that don't stop him :) He's a trooper and I 
hope when I reach that age I can still ride a horse!

Then maybe one day do a little kayaking. We might try to catch a fish or two, or maybe a duck or two. Who knows. 

Then of course being on a farm you have the Bulls, Cows, heifers, steers and all them! You have to feed, grain and water! Well of course having a Herfered Ranch sometimes I just get to help with all of it.Especially with all the fairs the family does there is a lot of animal grooming to be done!

 This is our heifer. We started working with her a few days before the blackfoot fair. We took her in the shoot to start trimming on her hair and she decided to get stuck. She was stuck in there side ways and it took us a minute to get her out. Silly thing!

Then there is Kooper. He spends all day long working his butt off! I sure picked a keeper didn't I. Someone so hard working, loyal and willing to do anything anyone asked. How'd I get so lucky ;) But for him he does a little bit of everything..

This video sums up Koopers Life

So let me tell ya, when summer was over I finally had the chance to have my hubby back!

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  1. I love that Super Bowl commercial! My dad and brother (and many other family members) are farmers and it is definitely a unique lifestyle :)


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