Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Sunshine Award

I was nominated by my sweet cousin Jennie over at Jennie and Husband. She is one of my FAVORITE cousins, we spent everyday together one summer and I miss it so much! Go check out her blog, you won't be disappointed. 
Now about this Sunshine Award...
The rules:
1. Link back to my sunshine award blog 
2. Include the sunshine logo in your blog 
3. Answer the following 10 questions 
4. Nominate bloggers that add a touch of sunshine to your day! 

Question 1: What is the craziest thing you've ever done? This is a hard question. Right now I am kind of boring. I am just a student doing an internship and it takes all my time! But if I had to pick something, the craziest thing I've ever done is getting in a paint fight with my cousin and her best friend.  We were painting a fence on the farm and us being girls decided to have a paint WAR! Little did we know. We didn't realize this was NOT Water based paint and that this would NOT come off easy. Well lets just say my uncle had to scrub us down with gasoline and when it started to burn we would jump in the pool to get it off! After a couple WEEKS, not lying about the weeks part it was finally all off! ( I wish I could find a picture, but I can't :( )

This is the crazies thing that someone has done to me! They duct taped my whole body together! Talk about painful, mean and terrible! worst experience EVER! My brother was a bully!

Question 2: Hot or cold weather? It's hard to say, I love to snowboard, but if I'm not playing in the snow I usually don't like the cold. I'd have to say HOT! I could swim every single day if I could! I love sunglasses, shorts and t-shirt weather!

Question 3: What is your favorite season? I LOVE all the seasons. I'd have to say spring though! One its my birthday month and I love birthdays, two that means school is almost out and three by now I am sick of it being cold and its so exciting when we get warm days!

Questions 4: First thing you do when you wake up? Lately, my husband I just LAY there and cuddle and don't move! We like to sleep in a cold room which means we NEVER want to get up! I love mornings though:) 

Question 5: Favorite part about the city you live in? Well I don't technically live in the city. I live in Rexburg, Idaho. Its freezing here, and its a small college town but I absolutely LOVE IT.  If you haven't experienced Rexburg you should, it has a different feel to the whole place. I couldn't of chosen a better school to go to!

Question 6: What's one thing that can immediately brighten your day? MY HUSBAND! That's why I married him. If I am ever having the slightest bad day he is always there, making me laugh or just comforting me! He's my rock.

Question 7: What book can you read over and over again? Okay don't laugh, but! I LOVE the book the last song. I think its the cutest story and it makes me laugh and cry. Its so cute!

Question 8: Met anyone famous? I can't think of anyone right now. Nobody cool, I met like Ryan sheckler? I think thats who it was, he was a professional skateboarder. Lame I know! That's because I am always in IDAHO! No one famous ever comes to IDAHO! 

Question 9: What is your worst habit? Right now blogging! I'm kind of addicted, I spend wayyyyy to much time on here!  I just picked it up and I love it! I never got into it quite that much until recently. Especially with Jennie we've been learning things together. We always learn more from each other!

Question 10: What is your best Halloween costume you've ever worn? My roommates and I were cavewomen one year, its the best costume because it was the best night! We were cheep college students and went to Walmart and just figured out a way to tie this fabric on us. It was the best night because  we just went crazy and didn't care at all! We had so much fun! There was a big dance and we just had a blast! 

Thanks again cousin for tagging me! Now I nominate!

4. Tawny
5. Laura
8. Kelsey
10. Hailey

I hope you all try this! It was really fun!


  1. Replies
    1. You bet! :) thanks for being awesome :)

  2. hahahahhahaha that stupid oil based paint. WORST experience of my life!

    1. It was probably the greastest experience to! Super funny! And we were so dumb and wrote BOYS SUCK on the road.. haha so immature we were!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can definitely relate to not being able to get paint out. That's the worst. It is impossible to get out of your hair!

    1. It was soo bad. It wasn't just a little paint fight either. It was a PAINT FIGHT, we were covered head to toe!

  4. congrats on the award! haha, i never want to get out of my cold room either!

    lindsey louise


    1. Thank you! I nominate you as well! Try it! Its pretty fun! love your blog!

  5. If I knew how to do all the cool things you and Jennie do I might try this fun post but I have no idea how to even tag people haha! Cute post though!!

    Lindsay Cox

    1. Lindsay you can do it! To tag people all you do is when you get to where you want click the link button, then from there its simple you just put in the URL and what you want it to say :)


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