Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Anniversary Adventure

So if we're not friends on Facebook or if you haven't seen my status updates the title might seem like it was a normal adventure and that we had this perfect plan go perfectly. Sometimes Koop and I can be very lucky while other times not so lucky. I would like to think that this luck made for quite the adventure and will always be something that we remember! 

Saturday morning we woke up, packed, made pancakes, and hit the road. So far so good, I mean the pancakes tasted great, we didn't forget anything and we were off to celebrate our 1-Year anniversary! To start the day we headed to Wyoming to Grand Targhee to go Snowboarding! It's something that we both enjoy and wish we could do more often, but Saturdays are the only day in our schedules that allow it. The lot was full but, we thought we'd check the front first for any open spots. Bada-Bing front row parking... so CLOSE! Talk about lucky! So we bundled up in our snow gear and headed for the mountain. One problem, the main lift was down. It was all iced over and they had been working on it all morning. (No big deal we'll just hit the other lift.) So we headed to the bunny hill and cut over to the other lift. Once we dropped down we saw it... the line is SO LONG. Which never happens, usually no one is even over there and you get right on. No turning back now, being a border you don't have poles to pull you a long so we waited. It took a good 20-30 minutes and so we thought we'd go to the lodge and have lunch and wait a little longer. 

They said it would be at least another hour so we thought we'd check in at our cabin(just at the bottom of the mountain.)  The lift wasn't going to be opening anytime soon. AND They just happened to have a big Jacuzzi and we couldn't pass up and hoped right in!

 After we got ready and headed to Jackson Hole for the night! I've never been to a Hockey game and the Moose were playing! So we walked around Jackson in all the cute shops and then got some pizza and flatbread at this fancy little pizza parlor! It was a little interesting, and different but good! 

After we headed to the Hockey game! Which if you haven't ever been to a hockey game, GO! They are so fun. Even though I had no idea the rules, or strategies I loved it. They play fun music the whole time which really makes the crowd fun, let alone everyone is drinking which means the crowd is crazy! Also the Moose is banging on the windows with shovels and garbage cans and is just NUTS. And then to top it off all the players are feisty little buggers who get in fights and is pretty entertaining.

After the game we head out to get back to our cozy little cabin, and our puppy Sampson only to find out we CAN'T. The Teton Pass is closed due to 2 large Avalanches.  We see a snow plow head up and think, ah we can just follow behind it, we will be okay. Then we get to the top and they have a crossing guard that says if you pass you can go to Jail or be fined $750. So, we wait. An officer see's us and stops to inform us to either find a place to stay in jackson, take the long route(which would be 2-3 hours vs 45min), or wait it out. The only thing about waiting it out was that is was 10:45 and it could be a few hours or it could be until morning(5AM.) Normally, no big deal we could of went the long route and been back home, or we could of got a hotel. However, 1. We already rented a cabin. and 2. Sampson was in the cabin. So we decide to maybe top the car off and go the long way. As we're pulling out of the gas station this truck flags us down and asks for a Jump. The kindly people we are, say yes. Only to find out the truck will not start and spend 30minutes trying. 

By this point we decide, we'll maybe stick it out. So we pull over in this random area. Tilt the seats back and try and take a nap, both being extremely tired. Luckily we had 2 travel pillows that we just got for Christmas and 1 blanket. We shared the blanket over the two seats, barely having enough to cover ourselves. We manage to fall asleep about an hour and then wake up. Koops parents tell us to go get a hotel, but we don't want to buy two so we try to tough it out longer.  Its cold by now and Kooper's legs are just killing him. I decided we should try and lay in the backseat, that way we will keep each other warmer. We lay our snowboards on top of the seats and squeeze in the small area, Kooper moaning his legs hurt, but some how we manage to fall asleep another 45minutes or so until he can no longer bare it anymore and we move back to the front. Then we wait and wait and turn on the car for it to get warm again and see the snowplow come back down. So we decide to drive back up and see if its Open. Almost there, we see the blinking lights again and get discouraged, only to find out it was OPEN! horray!! So we start down the pass, it was scary let me tell ya. Snow drifts everywhere, making it so we couldn't see a foot in front of us. However, we took it nice and easy and made it back safe and sound! (I wish I had more pictures, but it got dark fast!)

Can you say what a day! What a day! It will definitely be an unforgettable one!


  1. oh my lanta. what a day for sure. ha ha how was sampson? pee everywhere? ha ha
    happy happy anniversary again!
    I figured why you didn't text me back because you were writing this blog post.. correct? ha ha

  2. Oh my gosh. I can only imagine. But you will always remember that trip! Lol

  3. It sounds like a lot of fun! I love the pictures! :)

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