Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Can I just say that lately I LOVE Sewing! I just wish I had a child to make things for, or a home to really decorate for! We don't plan on being in our home for very much longer so I've been trying to wait to do things like curtains or refurnish some of our things because I just don't know what kind of place we are moving into next. 


My older Brother is having a baby boy! So I get to spoil him! So far, I made this adorable, extra soft Minkee Blanket! I ended up getting a lot of fabric and then I just decided to make 3 blankets with it. I even sold one for more than the cost of all three blankets(I got the fabric on sale :))! So I've been wanting to make them and sell them lately as a fun little hobby! 

 This material is literally my favorite! It is sooooo soooo soft! I LOVE IT! and I can't
 wait for my baby nephew to be curled up inside! I am so EXCITED! 

I also made these cute little travel pillow cases. My In-Laws got all of us a travel pillow and asked me to make some cases! 

Now, to start on some outfits!!! EEEKK so excited!


  1. So cute Lacey! I'd have to agree, I LOVE sewing! That's awesome you sold one of them for more than the price of all three! HA! Start a business!!

  2. How fun! So do you sew clothes, too then? I'm in a sewing class this semester and having lots of fun making a few pieces. Might blog about them soon because I'm making the cutest skirt!! :)


  3. Beautiful! They look great love!

    New Blog Post: [My Outfit] A Pink Monday

  4. you've done such a great job! those look great!


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