Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boise Fair Weekend & Blackfoot Fair

The Boise Fair is usually one of my favorites! For a couple reasons, its really laid back, I usually see people from home, and my mom comes over. To make this year even better, my dad came! He doesn't like to go to fairs usually, but he came to this one! And he enjoyed it! Koopers family goes to several fairs each year to show off their cattle. They raise and breed Hereford cattle. This year they needed a couple extra to reach 41 head(which increased the premium), so we had our hands full with 15! They all did pretty good. 

^Carter Loves his Joey, it was his second year showing her.

^One of the best parts of the Boise Fair is that the concerts are included in your ticket! So we got to go see Thompson Square. Let me tell you, she is the cutest performer and together they are adorable! The concert was really fun.

Aside from showing all the cattle, we like to walk around the fair and see everything going on. My parents both came up Saturday and so we waited for them to look at everything.

^ My dad LOVES animals, he wanted to pet every single one of them. It was pretty fun.
^This you see, is called bacon on a stick. It was actually very good! They had it last year, and I really wanted to try it but never did, so this year I caved and got some. It's definitely not the best thing for you. Its bacon, covered in pancake batter and topped with syrup. But let me tell you... it is GOOD!

^Daddio hates how many pictures I like to take with them. I can't help it though, because we don't see each other very often! Thanks again for coming mom and dad!

Krichele signed up to do the color run and that morning I decided to join her! I didn't sign up and so I just wore a white shirt (It was a color run shirt but for a different business, whoops!) The Boise one is a lot bigger than the Rexburg one.

Some Not Pictured Activities
 All 8 of us slept in the camper
Sampson got away with being a pet therapy dog, so that he could come in the fair. (Strictly no dogs allowed)
We did a LOT of washing, blowing and clipping steers.
Shawna, Darin, Rhet and Sam came this year. 
We went to Texas Road House and stayed 30 minutes past closing, and would bust out singing randomly.

All in all, the fair was great. We had a good time, the cattle did good, and we made it back safely!

Blackfoot Fair!

This year I didn't get to spend much time at the Blackfoot fair because of work. I made it for show day and a little the next day! To start off show day Koop got kicked in the knee cap by one of the heifers. They all did alright, and we had a good time.

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  1. Is your yorkie a therapy dog?! I want to get mine certified so bad! I miss showing so much!!!


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