Friday, September 26, 2014

Logan Temple

This sweet lady here in the middle went through the temple today. She looked so cute and happy! I truly love the temple and the fact that we can go to the temple and learn of God. The Logan Temple is veryyy verryy pretty! I loved it!

^ I love my husband and I love the temple!
^Basically we could be models!
^She wouldn't stop talking to take a picture with me! 
^This sweet man gave me a Fathers Blessings tonight. Koop wanted one for school, and then it turned into a family blessing day. It was really cool, I am grateful for the Priesthood and the opportunity we have to use it. I am grateful for a worthy priesthood leader in my life. Thank you Pappy Danny for the blessing! You are an inspiration! You have taught Kooper to be a great husband and I know he will be a great father because of your example.


  1. Thanks for posting that terrible picture!!! =) It was a beautiful day that's for sure!!!

    1. hah I'm sorry.. I don't think its terrible!

  2. Isn't it amazing?! Definitely one of my favorites. Darling photos!



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