Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Summer Farm Life

The Farming life consumed our summer. It was all Kooper did! Every now and then I got to join him. I love being outside and going exploring so when he was working I was exploring. Occasionally I would help him, but more or less just play around with Sampson.

^Just one day Koop had to get a lot of poop cleared out of some corrals and so he taught me how to drive the semi with the loader on. I didn't do to bad! 
^My first time driving the semi!
 ^Yup thats my rig...
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^ I even had a cute little truck buddy!
^I definitely married a keeper! 
^You can barely see him in the hay field!
^Out on the tractor with my boo boo!

^My little Sampson boy got a his first official haircut by a groomer. It only took 1 year, and I'll prob continue doing it myself for the most part, because he was still a little choppy. But look how cute and little he is!

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