Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Western Idaho State Fair

This past week we went to the Boise Fair! It was soo hot all week long, but we had a great week. The cows did great! My brother-in-law got engaged to NICOLE! Marriah got married, and we finally got to test out Michaelines snow shack Brodies! Here are some pictures of the busy busy week!

^Carter did so good showing Ruby! He did it all by himself and everything.. 

^Nice Bums right there! :)

^Idaho Potato Ice cream.. We also had mini donuts and those were delicious!!

Here are some pictures from the hike. We had shown cows all day and then went to Olive Garden so we were pretty tired.. However, since Koop and I knew what was happening we tried to be good sports and suck up the fact we are wayyyy out of shape! 
^This is me basically dying! While Kyle has all this adrenaline and him and Nicole are just cruising up the mountain!

^At this point my heart rate got to 167 so we decided we better rest!
^Sampson was a little trooper.. Kooper only picked up once to try and give him a break!

Here's where the good stuff happens... 

^I made them kiss because the lighting was so great.. and I think its the first time I'd actually seen them kiss EVER!

^She was so surprised!

^ I mean look how cute and happy they are!
I'm so glad that we got to be apart of this tender moment.. I even cried (I blame that on the pregnancy!) You two are the cutest and I definitely approve of Nicole! I can't wait for you to be my new sister in law!!!

Koop and I of course had to take a turn with some pictures :)

Sweet Mariah got married and we got to attend her sealing.. It was perfect. The sealer gave us some good marriage advice as well as them. He said always remember these 5 Words... Please, Thank you, and I'm sorry. He said if you can't say your sorry to your spouse then get on your knees and pray because that bitterness is something that you should be able to figure out. It was really good. I enjoyed their sealing so much. And she looked so gorgeous! 

After we went to Brodies Snow Shack in Meridian and Michaeline made us the yummiest snowcones! There ice is like ice cream and melts in your mouth. It was soo yummy! Good job Michaeline!

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