Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Adilee's Birth Story

I want to do this before I forget all the tiny details! So if you actually read this, all props to you. You can just look at the pictures if you want!

 Friday November 6th I worked my normal shift. The whole day I felt perfectly normal, no changes, no contractions, NOTHING.

Saturday November 7th, We had a leadership training with the young women and I started to feel uncomfortable, I was getting really hot, I had a few small contractions, and more or less just uncomfortable. After that I came home and decided I would clean the kitchen, living room, and bathroom just in case. I had a little burst of energy and swept and moped as well! At this point I was pretty tired so I took a little nap. 
Then I decided to walk to my mother in laws and she was outside mowing the lawn so I jumped on the tramp for a couple minutes. Not like high high, just enough for a little bounce. That wasn't very comfortable so it didn't take long for me to stop. (this was at 2:30-3ish)
Around 5pm I stated getting contractions(The first time I could actually tell they were REAL, not just braxton hicks, or anything, these were the real deal. Not to painful, but I could definitely tell.)  My soon to be sister in law was teaching a class at the church and we said we would be there. I was kinda nervous to go but I think it distracted me because they slowed down a little bit. That night we got home and got everything ready just in case!

Sunday November 8th, Around 2pm I started making noises every time I would get a contraction, and Koop kept asking "Are you okay?" Well then I started timing them and they were about 7 minutes apart. Koop finally called the hospital and asked for some advice, they said if they are anywhere from 5-7 minutes apart to come in. Well I kept saying "What if they send us home," "What if I'm only at a 2 still," "Let's just wait a little bit," "Should I take a shower?" and so forth. Right then I got one that was really painful and Koop's like alright we're leaving! 
While he was getting things ready, I went Pee (and happened to loose my mucus plug, eww) So I told Koop well I think I lost my Mucus Plug, ya he didn't care to know that minor detail. Once everything was ready Koop gave me a blessing. I am so glad he can use the Priesthood and is worthy too. It really meant a lot to me as he blessed me with comfort and peace as were heading off. We left about 4:45 and got to Logan around 5:30. By the time we got all checked in and ready, it was time for a shift change. Luckily, the 1st nurse that checked me in kind of seemed like a ding bat and I was glad they changed. Then I got a younger girl who just was straight forward, didn't really have a lot of advice or suggestions for me.

When she finally checked me I was at a 4, and 100% effaced. (And this young nurse that checked me was NOT GENTLE. She put lube on and then bam shoved her hand so far up that I was like whoa, the doctor didn't go that far! It was very painful and uncomfortable) But they said I could stay! At this point my contractions were still there and they were painful but I wouldn't say they were terrible. I was able to maintain but I knew that I wanted to get an epidural at this point, just not sure when. We decided I would get some fentynal, that would only last an hour though.  At 6:30 they gave me my 1st dose, and it controlled the contractions, I could still feel them but with a little bit of big breaths I could handle them. They checked me again after and I was at a 5. So they gave me my 2nd dose at 7:30 and each time I would pass out after getting it. I have never really been on any pain meds in my life, so these had a fast effect on me and made me feel really really weird. I tried having a popsicle after one dose and shortly after I sat up and said "Hun, I think I'm going to throw up, so he ran and got me the garbage and barely made it. I got a little on his hand and that made him grossed out." We decided to go for a walk down the hallway before I had to get my epidural so that I could stretch and move my legs for a little bit. We got to the end of the hallway and I threw up again, but just being out and walking was good. After the hour was up with my 3rd dose they checked me and I was at a 6. 

Finally, one of the doctors came in and broke my water, it was the weirdest feeling. She just stuck this little stick like thing up there and barely nicked it (I felt at least) and all of a sudden warm, fluid was draining out of me! and it kept coming! I felt like I was just peeing my pants. They stuck a towel between my legs and I just sat there continuing to basically pee my pants (which I didn't have on). Then the anesthesiologist came in to give me my epidural. This is the part I was most scared of, but I didn't look to see how big the needle was so that it didn't scare me more. They raised my bed up really high, and had me place my legs on Kooper. The lady that did it was sooo GOOD! She told me step by step what to expect and it really wasn't bad. The initial part she stuck it in I flinched and that hurt, but the rest really was okay!
^This was my nurse who has helped deliver 3,000 babies! Crazyy. Her name was Candace and I really liked her!

After I got my epidural the next 3 hours went sooo slow! I stayed at a 6 and so they finally gave me some pitocin to help speed up my contractions. At 2:30 they came back and checked me and I was at a 10!! Wahoo, I was so surprised to hear her say a 10, I thought it would be an 8 maybe. Since I am a first time mom they made me wait an hour, they wanted the baby to move father down the cervix on her own. So then they gave me this peanut ball and had me put one leg on it and then switch after 30 minutes. It wasn't very comfortable but I tried to fall asleep to distract myself. Finally 3:20 they came in and it was go time! Candace got everything ready and put my feet up and we got started. They asked me if I wanted a mirror (Which is gross, and not the prettiest sight, but I actually am so glad I got one. They told me where I should see movement if I was pushing with the right muscles, and then I could see when I was progressing or when my pushes were good.)  I started pushing and kept thinking "If this takes 3 hrs I am going to die!" but each contraction would come and I would push 3 times for 10 seconds each.  I had 9 contractions and she was out! Once her head was out she said okay stop pushing and she kind of moved her around a little and then told me to push again and out she came. They were all surprised and said I did so good. It only took 15 minutes of pushing and she arrived at 3:48! They put her on a towel on my stomach and said wipe her off. She was red and puffy and was so tender. I was being so careful cleaning her off, and the nurses were like oh no really clean her off. And they started helping, and it seemed like they were being so rough! I was like gentle, gentle, my poor baby! Then Kooper cut the cord! (We asked the nurse to take a picture of this, and she completely cut off his face! hahah but oh well, she got his smile at least) He was shaking so much, but he did it! It was so weird to see it, it was just like cutting paper.
But then she was cleaned off and we did skin to skin. It was so tender, she was so precious and tears just started rolling down. Koop and I were just looking at her like she was an angel. And she is... Our Angel. We were so in love right away.
Then the nurse took her, and worked on her while Dr. Blackett (Who was not my original doctor, she was on call, which I happened to really like her)  continued to work on me. They pushed on my stomach to get my placenta out and I did not like that(it HURT.) I had a small tear and she had to give me 1 stitch. Once they were done they gave Adilee back to me and we started breastfeeding. It hurt like a mother... The nurse kept pinching my breast so hard I was like ahhh this is awful. But she did so good, she ate for quite awhile! After that she was swaddled and our parents came in and loved on her. (Keep in mind, my mom was by the curtain immediately after she was born asking a million questions, "Does she have hair," "How many times did she push," Who does she look like," "Did you tear, how was it lace," "Did Kooper cut the cord?" and so forth) Luckily she came when she did because as soon as I was done, I had went through my epidural (however you wanna say it) and would have needed another dose or more, or however it works! So shortly after I could feel my legs and was able to get up to get in the wheel chair.

^He was scared to touch her, he reached in with one finger. It was really funny

By this point all I could think about was FOOD! I was so hungry, so we ordered dinner (cheeseburger and fries, which tasted delish!) and finished everything up around 6 where they transferred us up to the recovery room. The nurses helped me go to the bathroom. Which BURNED like no other, I was like owww this hurts! I wanted to hold the pee in but I couldn't. They then gave me some mesh undies(so nice and actually really comfortable) and the biggest pad!  I'd ever seen with some tucks and dibucaine on it. I had to use my little peri-bottle to clean up.  They said they'd help me one more time before I could go on my own.

 From there we had visitors, Ross, Vicki, and Chelsey. Once they left the nurse came in and gave Adilee her 1st bath and then I fed her again. We had the nursery take her so that we could sleep without worrying about her. They brought her back almost every 2-3 hours. I slept quite a bit luckily throughout the day, Koop on the other hand didn't sleep at all. But we were both so exhausted and just wanted it to be us 3. He helped me so much! It seemed like every time my food came she was hungry, so he would like spoon feed me while I was feeding Adilee and was constantly getting me juice and crackers. He was such a great husband through out the whole process. Thanks Hunny I love you!

The next day we were still in love. I woke up with the worst back pain EVER! They said it was from my epidural, they gave me my motrin and it went away. It was still hard to go to the bathroom. Cindy Allen, Emma Jones, Mike Corbridge, Jennie, Shellie, Kyle and Shawnee all came to visit baby girl! We had a million messages, everyone was wondering how we did and what her name was. We took awhile to decide on spelling, we wanted something that would be easiest on her in the future so people would say it right. After everything was said and done.... we went with
Adilee Rae Daniels
7 lbs 3 oz
Born 11/8
Perfect in every way!

^ Koop changed her first couple diapers.. Such a good dad!

Since we were struggling a little with breast feeding Dr. Fowers recommended we stay another night and get more help. So we did! There was a lactation specialist that came in and really helped a lot! They said that I was producing so much colostrum and they helped hand express a lot into a spoon for her! By the way that didn't feel good either, but I mean when your nipples aren't used to getting squeezed or sucked on what do you expect!  I felt like a cow for awhile.

^Her perfect little wrinkly feet!

By the 3rd day Kooper was dying, he was so ready to leave and be out of the hospital. He was sick of sleeping on the hard couch (which I forgot to mention he froze the 1st night, I woke up and he had the hood of his sweater on and the blanket over his head.) He was sick of not having anything on T.V to watch, and just the fact that he was inside! So finally when we were cleared to go he was one happy camper! As nerve racking as bringing a new baby home, we were soooo excited! 

Leaving as a new family of three!!!!


  1. I love it, I do have to say, you did have a very easy delivery, I didn't even hear you scream once

  2. Hearing your story made me emotional, it was so beautiful! Congratulation! Your baby girl is beautiful.

  3. Oh Lacey too cute. I love little Shanane already!


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