Sunday, December 27, 2015

Photo Overload!

Be prepared for a photo OVERLOAD! But what do you expect when you have a new baby and you take a million pictures.. I can't post them all on Instagram or everyone would unfollow me.. So ta da... Bloggy Blog thank you! Here is the end of November and December.
 ^She hates getting out of the bath..
 ^2 Week Check Up.. Adilee went up to 9lbs 3oz! Good job baby girl! Everything was great.. She is healthy and perfect..
 ^ Seriously SO STRONG!
 ^Adilee finally got to meet cousin Andrew! He didn't know what to think of her, 
but he sure loved Sampson!
^ Lindsey and Vicki came to see Adilee on Thanksgiving!
 ^Nicole had her Bridal Shower! Soon to be Mrs. Daniels
 ^Isn't this adorable!
 ^Baby Girl took her 1st trip to Reno! She was a champ!
 ^look at her gut and the rest of her skinny little body! Those are newborn diapers..
 These two are going to be best friends one day.. hopefully!
 ^Nice Bum where ya from!
 ^Koop turned a whopping 27! Holy old fart! ;) We love you DADDY!
 ^Carter sure does love Adilee.. Such a good big cousin!
 ^Cousins making cookies!
 Kyle and Nicoles Wedding was perfect! So Pretty and they both looked perfect! So excited to have another sister-in-law! 

 ^Ugly sweater bunco night!
 ^I don't know why but I love this picture so much!
 ^My dad loves Adilee and Markie is scared she is going to break her.

 Adilee got a fun new play mat.. that she loves!
I love my family!
 Adilee got to meet her grandmas and they both loved on her!
I sure do love watching this guy be a dad..

Find Adilee's 1 Month Photos HERE

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  1. I can't believe how much she is growing. I hate living so far away.


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