Friday, May 27, 2016

Farm. Cows. Horses

 The past couple weeks have been all about COWS... Fixing fence, branding, tagging, da, da, da! BUT they are off in the mountains finally! I am so glad... Why? 
1. Koop doesn't have to feed them anymore and 
2. I get him home for Sunday Breakfast! Not very often do we get to do a nice breakfast because Koop is always heading to breakfast but this past Sunday we got to have crepes! and I LOVE crepes!

Here's a couple photos from DANIELS HEREFORD RANCH

The loud MOO MOO's scare Adilee

 I've been dying to ride my ponny! We finally got a couple chances too! And I was happy! Even Adi went riding. She fell asleep once, and the other time was just confused what was going on!

 Riding my Pony sure reminded me of Grandpa and all the memories on this horse. I have now had him for 15 YEARS! He was my first baby! and I'd say my first LOVE! I rode him everywhere and loved being on him.. He is my little piece of Heaven. I can still here grandpa say "that horse has a buck" or "are you sure you can ride that bronk"

I sure did marry a keeper!


  1. hahahah she's scared of the cow's mooo. sooo cute

  2. ps. i need to bring andrew to see the cows!

  3. Love the pics where she's petting your horse. So cute!


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