Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our First Home

 So many are asking about our first home and what it was like! For those of you that never got the chance to come see it, now you can! We found it last minute, actually with 3 days to spare :) We almost didn't have the option to say no, because we needed it! However, we're glad we did, we loved living there. We were just outside of Rexburg, and we loved having our own space. Also our managers were really nice, and so was our ward.
You might ask why were standing outside a shed. Yes a shed. Well this shed used to be offices and it fell through and they changed it into a studio apartment. So yes our first house was in a SHED!
We were gone all the time and didn't need much so this worked out just fine for the two of us. Some of these were quick pictures from my phone so the quality is not the greatest. Like I said its a studio apartment and so it is a lot smaller, therefor we had stuff stuffed all over the place to make it all fit!

This was only half of the closet, but this was definitely not enough! We need a BIG closet. Mainly because Kooper just has so much stuff. ;)
And ya see. This was our cute first apartment where we lived for almost 8 months! Ta-Da

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