Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quick Trip to Boise

This Past weekend Kooper and I got the chance to drive to Boise and go to Michaeline Kings (now maybon's) wedding! It was a quick one day trip but there is no way I could of missed it! This girl has been my best friend all through out college! YEs I know there were times we probably got mad at each other but not very many! We did everything together and she was my partner in crime. She is one of my heros. Not only did she get diagnosed with cancer recently she hasn't complained to me about it once. Shes always happy when I am around her and so positive. I know that this is just one challenge in her life for her to overcome and it will strengthen her more than she thinks!  Her sealing was beautiful and she was beautiful! I am grateful for the chance to be there with her!

Like I said GORGEOUS
I couldn't ask for a better husband. So willing to go and do anything that I want to do! Hes such a supportive and loving husband. I am lucky to call him mine :)

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