Tuesday, August 13, 2013


     Recently I just received my letter of confirmation that I passed! I was a little nervous
about the results and was anxious to get them back! However,  I am now
a certified group fitness instructor for AFAA!!!!

So many have asked what is AFAA? Well it stands for Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and is designed to equip those seeking to become certified as group exercise instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective group exercise programming for the general healthy population. Its been a long process but it paid off. I happened to be lucky enough to sign up for a class at BYUI called Aerobics Fitness Techniques. That class breaks down everything you need to know to get certified.
At first when I started the class we were required to teach outside of class and inside class as well. I have never taught group fitness and was pretty nervous. However, the more and more I got started the more I loved it and the more I wanted to continue doing that. So when it came time to sign up I did it! So this is what you do!
It normally cost $299.0, however we got a group discount of $224.00 Wahoo!
This fee includes:
  • One-Day Certification Review and Practicum Workshop
  • Primary Group Exercise Certification Study Guide
  • Written and Practical Certification Exams
  • One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members and a print or digital subscription to American Fitness magazine (does not include postage to addresses outside the U.S.)
  • AFAA certified instructor certificate and I.D. card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations). CPR/AED certification required before certificate is issued.
  • 5 CEUs for AFAA certified instructors
Certification Prep
They say you only need 1 month to prepare. I was in the class like I mentioned earlier and other classes that go hand in hand to help me get prepared. There is study material to purchase such as the Fitness Theory and Practice Textbook. I really just like the book so I kept mine in case I wanted to ever look back at it.
There are about 4 Sections you need to prepare for.
1.  Written Exam
2. Exercise Portion
3. Strengthen/Stretch
4. Individual Presentation
1.  Written Exam
    For the written exam you are given 1 hour to answer 100 questions. You only have to get an 80% to pass so you can miss 20 questions. If you feel out the study booklet you should be fine. I finished in about 30 minutes feeling pretty confident but still nervous just because you kind of have to be. Know the muscles! Know Kineseology! Know the AFAA 5 questions! Know specifics to the warm up, cardio and cool down!
2. Exercise Portion
  This part has 3 sections. You are staggered in the gym and you are instructed to look straight forward and not look at anyone your surrounded by. Then you will be given 5-10 minutes to demonstrate appropriate moves for the warm up. From there you are technically only required to do 3 moves, however I think that would get boring and so I just continued to change from move to move. Then you do the same thing for a cardio portion and a cool down portion.
3. Strengthen/Stretch
This section you are asked a specific muscle group and you are required to demonstrate that move until the instructor has had the chance to watch every one. After they see everyone you are required to demonstrate another exercise that will work that muscle group as well. Once you have shown two exercises you will be asked how to stretch that muscle group. For this part you can only miss 1! These are the muscle groups you are tested on so you want to make sure you know exactly what stretches and strengthens what muscle.

    1. Pectorals
    2. Trapezius, Rhomboids and/or Latissimus Dorsi
    3. Deltoids (shoulders)
    4. Biceps and/or triceps
    5. Hip abductors (outer thigh) and/or adductors (inner thigh)
    6. Gluteus maximus
    7. Quadriceps and/or tibialis anterior (shin area)
    8. Hamstrings and/or gastrocnemius/solues (calves)
    9. Rectus abdominis and/or obliques
    10. Erector spinae (low back)
For Example: For the Pectorals I got on the ground and acted like I was doing bench press. You have the option to use bands to demonstrate with or you can simply just act like your picking weights up of the ground or act like your using a resistance band. Then for stretching of the hips I did the butterfly stretch. This part I thought was very easy because you know ahead of time exactly what you need to know to prepare. I think(but could be wrong) on page 210 of the book it tells you exercises that would work for each muscle group.
4. Individual Presentation
  This next part is the only part you get to talk in and the only part where people get to watch you teach. During this section you are required to teach for 2 minutes either a cardio, strength or flexibility move. You have to teach three levels starting with intermediate, then beginner and advanced. To start you want to first introduce yourself and what you will be teaching. From there you safely demonstrate your three levels. Make sure you speak clearly and loud enough for those to hear you. Also you need to queue and demonstrate proper alignment and form.
Don't forget you have to be CPR/ AED Certified before they will send you your certification.
Also, Don't worry about being nervous or that you will have a wrong move! That is what the workshop is for, you will have the chance to ask your questions and really be able to get help with what your not sure on.
And there ya go! After you have to wait 4-6 weeks! Which feels like forever! But it you study and are prepared you can pass!!!
And I DID IT! I passed! Wahoo!!!!

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