Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nyssa Oregon + Boise Fair

This past week I got to go home for a week and spend time with my family!
I went swimming everyday with my momma! Trent has a pool in his backyard and so we went everyday! I can spend everyday in the water! I love it!

Trent, my dad and I kept having hand stand competitions. Being so competitive we didn't want the other to win and did them for probably an hour. Each time we came up for breath we gasped because we were staying down there so long.
My dad is probably one of the bravest older guys I know. He will jump off any cliff or do any flip and doesn't even hesitate. He almost jumped off the house into the pool! Here is a video of him trying a gainer. Probably the funniest thing, we missed a little at the beginning but you get the just of it!

Church on Sunday, is always fun. I love going to my home ward and seeing all the members that I grew up with. And of course I got to see all my favorite people!
For those of you that don't know this Koopers family is all about FAIRS when it comes to summer time! They travel all over and show their Herefords(the red and white cows, for those that aren't farm people). After Nyssa it was off to the FAIR. We went to Boise from Wednesday-Sunday. It was a long week but we enjoyed it. We spent time getting the animals ready for show, sitting around, sleeping, walking the fair, riding rides, eating fair food and such.

We had a full trailer so we did whatever we could to make it work! She was sleeping on the table seat and the boys were in the crack.

Kooper blowing of the heifers, getting them ready!

These two are passed out! Sometimes you just need a little shut eye.

Sometimes we like each other.

We were twinners for the night!

Riding on all the rides. This was when we were on the swings and it kind of made us sick. No circle rides for us :/

The show cow and calf.

And we did it! We made it through the week! Now back to MALAD!

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