Friday, September 6, 2013

Bucketlist 2013

Our Summer Bucket List!
1.     Go to the Zoo
2.   Yellowstone
3.    Hike to waterfall/hot springs
4.   Sand Dunes
5.   Jump off a bridge
6.    Run a half marathon (lace)
7.   Win softball championship
8.   Go to a new temple
9.    Ride a Tandem bike
10.   Light a dandelion on fire
11.    Drive in
12.   Feed birds at Nature Park
13.  Ride horses in the mountains
14.   Fly a Kite
15.   Have a Picnic
16.    Kill a rabbit
17.   Go shooting
18.   Use our dutch oven
19.   Play Tennis
20.  Have a bonfire
21.   Make homemade Ice cream
22. Slip n Slide
23.  Go to the beach
24.  Play in the rain
25.  Go to Island Park
26.  Make Caramel Apples
27.  Las Vegas
28. Go to a wedding
29.  Carve initials in a tree
30.  Sleep in the back of the truck
31. Camp Out!
Its gunna be a long hot summer, can’t wait to be together.

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