Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yes I did it, I made my own homemade RUG! I love it! And the best part is that it really is so easy! I got this idea of of "I am momma hear me Roar's blog tutuorial" and I thought that I would create a tutorial of my process. 

First. Get your supplies. 
1.Mat Runner: 
I got mine at Home-Depot, I didn't get the rubber one I got one with 
fabric on top to help add to cushioning. I can't remember exactly but I got 2x3.5
2.Fabic: I got whatever it is wide and 1 yard of it. You can get as 
much as you need(depending how big you want it)
3. Water-Based Polyurethane
4. Spray Adhesive
5. Duct Tape
6. Sissors

Second. Cut you mat to the size you want it. 
You can do all shapes and sizes. I did a normal rectangle 
because I wanted mine to be the entry rug. 

Third. Cut your fabric to the size you want it.
I left about 3 inches all the way around it to fold over. You can choose how much you want to leave, I just picked what I thought would secure it. (I don't think it really mattered after because the spray adhesive really sticks, and it stays really well.) Just make sure there is a little bit at least.
(Don't mind Krichele just so excited about her soon to be rug!)

Fourth. Determine where you want to lay your fabric & Spray Adhesive
Make sure you iron out your fabric because after this step you won't be able to move it anymore. Lay your mat down and place your fabric upright exactly where you want it. 

Then your going to want to grab half of your fabric separating it from your runner and spray your spray adhesive all over (I followed the spray and sprayed both sides to get a more permanent hold). Do a good coat and then fold your fabric back down, make sure to smooth the wrinkles out as you go. You will be surprised how well the fabric sticks to the mat. Then repeat with the other step.  (this process is really easy with two people because they can hold one end while you hold the other and pull it straight)

When you get to the corner to make it easy grab the corner and fold in towards the center of the mat, (you will have a triangle in the corner) then you can fold one side up against the edge and repeat with the other side. Almost like you would do wrapping presents. Really easy!

Fifth: Brush a water-based polurethane on the top of your fabirc
This will seal your fabric and protect it from and stains or spills you make on it. Make sure that it is water-proofed. That way it will stay the color you want it to be! I did two coats. The first coat really soaks up a lot. Make sure to get it everywhere. Once its fully dry, repeat as many times as necessary. 

Sixth. I duct taped the edges on the back all the way around.
You don't necessarily need to, but I did just for extra protection. The spray adhesive really sticks but you can't see the back anyways so I thought I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

Then place it wherever you want. 
Simple as that! 
Now you can be as creative as you want and get all the colors you desire! 

Any Questions: feel free to ask!


  1. What kind of fabric did you get?

    1. You can really use whatever kind you want. I would stay away from fleece though. When you put the polyurethane on it it will make it have a hard layer over it. I can't remember exactly what I used though :( sorry! We just got one that was on sale!


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