Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crafty Crafts

After making my rug I got a little crafty. I had a earring/necklace holder for along time that I had made with a frame and I stapled chicken wire to the back. Well it broke so I made a new one out of wood. It had been the wood color for so long I finally decided to paint it, and distress the edges a little. Here it is! Such a simple and cute way to hold your Jewlery.

My next project was my cream coffee table I made! I didn't take enough pictures to show you exactly how I did it. To start my sister in law had bought a mattress and it came with some wood that she didn't want so she let me use some of it. I came up with this great idea to make a coffee table out of it.

We tore it all apart and got the piece I wanted to use for the top! Here they are, they were a dark wood color and I sanded them down and sprayed them cream to match our couches. 

Then I went to Hess Lumber and got some 4 4x4's that I used for the legs and 4 2x4's that I used to build the foundation. This is where it got harder than I thought it would be and needed the help of my hubby and brother in law Kelly to make sure it would be level. 

 This shows a little of how we did it for the foundation. We had to measure and use the leveler to make sure it would be level. To start we used 2 4x4's and 1 2x4 and screwed them together. We did both sides, after that we got the longer 2x4's and attached the two ends together. 

The next part we just put the top wood on top. Our measuring skills were not quite how they should of been and we ended up with a little extra on each side. Which its old and rustic looking so it still looks fine. The we got the flat top nails and hammered them in so the top would stay on. 

Here is the finished product! 



  1. Lacey, I'm so impressed with your projects! LOVE the coffee table! Wish we could craft together!!


  2. I wish we could too! I bet your loving life in New York right now!


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