Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Happy Happppy!

Sometimes people ask, Why are you so happy? You've have became a great person. You're doing so much with your life. How?

Well... The truth is folks I am happy because I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I've became a good person because that's what my savior would want from me. I'm creating a good life because I know who I am and what my potential is. 

People think their happy, but until you have the true gospel your missing something. My life wouldn't be complete if I wasn't a member. It strengthens me everyday. 

If someone told you that you could have true happiness would you take the chance to listen? With an open heart and an open mind. Listen once or twice or however many times you like but promise to be open about anything they might tell you? This is something that makes me have so much joy in life, and it could possibly give you that much joy as well. I challenge you to listen to this short message at least. 

What makes me so happy is knowing there is life after death. Knowing that I will be able to be those members of my family again. 

What makes me happy is knowing that I can be sealed to my family for time and all eternity. Families are more than just something here on this Earth, you get to be together forever. Especially knowing I am sealed to my wonderful hubby for EVER!

What makes me so happy is every 6 months when conference comes and we get to hear the words of the apostles, and the prophets and just learn from them.

What makes me happy is feeling the spirit warm my heart.

What makes me happy is going to church and seeing everyone dressed up, seeing everyone so humble, seeing everyone making good choices. 

What makes me so happy is knowing your bishop, relief society and ward would do anything for you if you needed something. 

What makes me happy is having a ward family when miles away from my own family. 

"You're never too far gone. There is no single mistake that can't be overcome through the Savior. You always have a fighting chance."-Spencer Hadley

This gospel makes me so happy I just want to share it with everyone else. There is so much I could talk about, and so many things that make me happy.  I want my family and friends to have this happiness. To make the changes in their lives and to come closer to Christ. If you take the chance to listen and ask I know you will feel the spirit and understand. There are so many people with the answers to any of the questions you might have such as Kooper, Myself, and or the missionaries. Please ask. Just take a second to search www.lds.org Who knows what you might find.


  1. I love you Lace!! Thanks for being such a great example to me! :)

    1. I love you :) I'm glad you get to come over all the time!

  2. This is so great.. you are amazing!

  3. You are spreading the gospel in such a great way! Continue being happy!

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  6. your blogs are truly amazing and you are such a amazing person. Love you honey


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