Sunday, September 22, 2013

Start of a new semester!

Okay so for those of you that don't know this is my LAST semester! I am beyond excited and amazed at this accomplishment. I Started school in Fall of 2010 and will be graduating Fall of 2013 I am graduating in 7 semesters! I didn't take any extra classes on my off track or in the summer, I have taken ONLY 7 semesters and have gotten all the classes and my internship in! With several classes that were pointless to my major but helped me grow as a person! 

Anyways, besides the fact I'm so excited I am finishing.... we had a pretty interesting week!

We moved into our new home! We are living in town now and live right next to Porter Park.  I'd been lucky enough to score a sweet nice bike at the DI for $15! Right, only $15 that's what I thought. I  knew I had to get it. All it needed was a little air in the tires, and Koopers muscles to fix the seat (it kept falling all the way down.) Now its great though! The first day up we went on a cute little bike ride all over campus.

Sunday was our first day at church. It's kind of weird and different being in a married student ward. Every one is literally pregnant or has a little one. Its weird. I mean its normal but just a lot different that the singles wards I have been in. The best part is our sacrament is from fresh homemade bread. And that's not even the best part. The best part is they don't break them up super small, the piece I grabbed was like a mini roll! I could of put butter on it! That's how great it was.

Then we started school. I had so much time all week long, which is weird! I've never not had anything to do at school. I didn't do one single assignment the first week, Kooper on the other hand had at least 10! I am taking 3 classes Advanced Sports Psychology,Volleyball Theory, and Health Behaviors and Theories. They all seem like they will be great classes! Kooper is taking Family Foundations, Foundation Capstone, Animal Anat. and Phys, Business and Law, and AG Sales and Merchandising. 

 Cya later aligator! I rode my bike to class, it takes me like 5 minutes is all 
which is way nice, Kooper rode the 4 wheeler, he can park way close and so its nice.

 This is us going to class one day. We're stopped at a red light on the four wheeler and I'm freezing because its not the warmest outside yet. (that's what happens when your redneck and ride a 4-wheeler to school)

So I get home from my first class on Monday and this is our conversation:

Kooper: Hun my bag smells really bad, I sprayed Cologne all over but it still stinks. 

Lacey: (Walks over to his backpack instantly knowing the problem, reaching in his small pocket and pulling out old food) Ewww, sick, nasty this is disgusting and the juice just got on my hand.

So what had happened was last semester he had taken some food to school and didn't eat it. Well we forgot about it and it got left in the for 7 weeks! It was left over taquitos and pulled pork meat. And lets just say it was disgusting.. seriously so gross, yet super funny. Kooper wouldn't wash his backpack he just took it straight to the garbage and said I'M GETTING A NEW ONE. 

Next Thing that happened... We got a washer and dryer from Krichele and Jason (Koopers Sister) and finally got it all hooked up and right before bed decided to start a load. This washer is one of the older ones so we were just going to start a load and go to bed but we had to wait for the rinse cycle to put softner in it. Luckily we stayed up though because before too long it started leaking water, and then oil and were like what the heck. So finally when it was done we pulled it out and there was grease everytwhere. It was a pain in the butt! We stayed up an extra hour or two trying to soak it all up so it didnt' stain the floor. Then it sat in the middle of our kitchen for a few days while we tried to figure out what to do with it. Lets just say we aren't washer fixer people so I think we will be getting a new one! 

If you can't tell that is a ton of oil! Talk about pain in the butt! 

All week long I just did research, research and more research! This semester I get the chance to have a paid internship through BYUI. If any of you have ever seen the T.V show biggest loser then you can understand more about my internship. I am a wellness coach for my team! There is going to be 6 teams of 8 competing to loose the most weight in 10 weeks!  I am beyond excited for a chance to be apart of this program. Just interviewing two people my life has already been touched by these two people. They just want help and someone to push them so they can be successful in loosing weight. They want to better there life and to be confident in themselves. I can't wait to see the improvements as this program goes on.

Saturday we celebrated our successful first week by going and watching Monsters University. We've both been wanting to see it and we're both kids at heart. It was a cute movie, we liked it. And we liked the popcorn. A LOT. A little too much. We ate one whole thing by our self and then some of a refill.

Sunday after church we decided to try making some goolosh and lets just say we will be eating it for days! Because Kooper put 3 cups of noodles in and this is after we both already ate...  at least it taste good though right!

Anyways happy trails! WE love life! 


  1. I'm not going to lie you are soo lucky only having 3 classes! JEALOUS- Mariah :)

  2. Jen its not even mac and cheese haha.. its goolosh..

  3. This recipe comes from my mom, your special grandma in heaven. It looks delicious


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