Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blackfoot & Salt Lake State Fair

Our fair season is over! After a month of non-stop fairs we are finally back home! We had a great time.

        In blackfoot we had a great time! We took the camper up and everyone stayed in it, and Kooper and I slept in a tent! (sad I didn't get any pictures) The cows did alright but it the judge this year just did not like them for some reason. We hung out all week, washing & blowing the cows, playing cards, walking the fair, people watching and such. It was a great week.

 These boys sure do love to help. Wheeler especially loves to copy whatever carter does! 

 Carter loving some tummy tickles. Teresa and Krichele decided to match for the day! 
 He sure does love to help. He was getting himself almost 
as wet as he was getting the heifer. But thats okay right ;)

He got so tired during the show that he feel asleep in Bammas lap!

Some of our yummy cookies! mmm

yes this is my cute hubby. He just is soo cute.

Krichele would one day love to see this woman!
How much prettier can you get!

    This fair was probably the most entertaining fair because of the public. It is in the city and so you get to see a lot more city people. We just would sit and people watch all day long. So many people would come see the animals, they just flocked at the barn sheds. This judge however did like our cows, and they won almost every competition they were in! Which was great!

Questions we got.
       1. Is that cow(the bull) pregnant? Its huge!
       2. Are all these cows boys?
       3. What are the brown and black cows called?
       4. How do you get used to the smell?
       5. Whats a heifer?
       6. Can you touch your cows?
       7. How do you keep them so clean, with out there poop getting all over them.

  These were just some of the questions I can remember. Whenever I was blowing them or combing there hair people would take pictures of me or just stand there and watch in amazement. Sometimes I felt like a celebrity :) They would just line up and ask question after question or all want to pet the baby calves. I wish I would of took pictures just to show the kind of people in there.

 Carter would spend all day taking hay to his baby heifer and talking to it, rubbing it and jumping on it. She was so good and would just lay there and take it all. Then Wheeler wanted to do just what he was doing to! When they would be playing with her, kids would line up and just want to pet her too. 
 Don't judge us! You have to be a little weird or life is boring right? Right! First time in AA Mcalister! 
Lady Tailor loves me! She gave me the kiss first!

Here are the boys petting the little itty bitty pigs. If you can't tell the top picture is baby wee peeking through, and carter on the bottom.

Here are just a few I selected at random to display of the show!

 YEs Krichele, Kooper and I were all in the same class. This is us just starting to set there feet up right.

 I think this picture is just adorable. They were laughing at each other.

6 Head. Champions! Just a little family fun! (Carter was doing so good leading his heifer all by himself. And she is way way bigger than him. He named her Joey and would kiss at her the whole time walking.)
Yes, YEs, we do have a little down time after to go for a swim.  Kooper heads to the hot tub and I head to the pool.

Carter absolutely loves swimming and is fearless. HE just jumps right in even though he can't quite swim on his own. 


  1. I love that he trusts you so much! Great pictures and Lacy just so you know I am one of the city people I have asked Carlton many of those same questions. Not all but some of them. I am glad you are having fun! :)

    1. he just has no fear for water! I wish you were there, you would of made it really fun :)

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