Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get Crafty

So last weekend My sister-in-law,mother-in-law, Nicole and I went to a craft fair in Idaho Falls. It gave us so many ideas, and we saw so many cute things there. We have been wanting to craft for so long but  never could because I'm always gone! So finally we went to Malad for the weekend and spent the whole day crafting! It was magical, we got so many crafts done, so many started, and best part figured out the circuit so we can make anything now! 

Soo.. To start we first got out all the scrapbook paper, paints, glue, modgepodge, stickers, paint brushes, tulle, ribbon... you name it. Then we got started!

 Here are the few things we made! I love them all! 
Some are not quite done! But will be soon!

Here is my Christmas Tree  I made! I'm not quite finished.
I want to put a star on top of it, I just have to find it! 
This is my days still Christmas, its also not finished I have to get 
a little chalk board on it for my countdown.  But its pretty much done.
 I decided since I don't have very many decorations I better not
make every one a Christmas decoration.
 These are Krichele's stocking holders. There adorable, you can't see them as good 
as they really look but the red is all sparkles and is super cool looking. 
Funny craft, I made the Santa Stops Here and Krichele(sister-in-law) really liked it and wanted to make one as well but she mixed it up a little. She did Stop Here Santa, and then Teresa(mother-in-law) will be making one that says Santa Stop Here. Its kind of funny, they all are similar but have there differences.  
These are Krichele & Teresa's Joy's they made. Super cute!

This is going to be my stocking holder! I am going to sand it down a little and make it look more rustic and put two hooks on the red to hang mine and Kooper's first stalkings together! Can't wait!  I free handed the writing on this and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with it! 

All these crafts are super easy to make! We made them all out of wood, paint, and vinyl. We cut and sanded all the wood ourselves!(My lovely, sweet Hubby of mine helped us out a lot on that part!) Cheap & Easy! Once the final products are ALL done, and the crafts that we haven't finished are done, I'll do a part 2! Which one's do you like the best?

Any questions, feel free to ask! 


  1. Those are really cute. I am so impressed with all your talent.


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