Friday, November 15, 2013

November Thanks

15 days of Thanks, I was going to do the whole month but it keeps getting longer and longer and didn't want to bore anyone so I did 15 days to start, I will finish the rest too! I am lucky to be married to my best friend and have so many everyday blessings. Sometimes its hard to just put one.

November 1st: I am grateful for these people here and the opportunity we have to hang out together not just every monday, but whenever we can.

November 2nd: Today I am thankful for the outdoors and all that we can do outside. We went four-wheeling with Tyrel and Whitney all day. I love being in Rexburg and having so many places to go.

November 3rd: I am thankful for Church. It makes me realize how great life is and how great my life is. It also teaches me things to improve on. Today my goal is to pray for those that frustrate me and to have patience with them because they are more important than material things or things of no value. Our neighbor made a healthy Sunday dinner for us and his date, and we played games.
November 4th: I am grateful for my ward and the people in it. Michael and Kelsey had us over for FHE and we had a spiritual thought on how our struggles are nothing compared to some and we need to be grateful for what we have NOW. Then we made carmel apples and they were the BEST THING EVER. Why is it just a fall thing.
November 5th: Today I am grateful for my husband who will do anything with me. Whether its working out with my biggest winner team, playing volleyball or basketball. He supports me in everything I do. I am also grateful for the Intramural program, for it gives us the chance to better ourself and continue to play sports.

November 6th: I am thankful for the opportunity to live in Rexburg and the kind gentleman that was so sincere while paying for my meal. Read Here I am also thankful for the people that have suffered from cancers and haven't given up, because they are special people! Thanks Chase Harrison for your motivational lesson to never give up!

November 8th: I am grateful for great friends like Nicole! Who can spend all night making crafts and treats :) Check out what we made... Wreath & Pumpkin Cinnamon Pullaparts

November 9th: I am grateful for the things God created and the pretty outdoors, fourwheelers, snow, and friends.

November 10th: I am thankful for Missionaries and all that they sacrifice. Good luck Elder Eliason.

November 11th: I am grateful for life. I love it. For the 10 months I have been married.

November 12th: I am thankful our old friends who are still single still like to hang out with "the married couple" and play basketball together.

November 13th: Today was kind of a sucky day but luckily I have a great husband who will scratch my back, or tell me stories when I can't sleep even though he has already fallen asleep at least twice. I am ALSO grateful for heaters, I love to be warm.

November 14th: I am thankful for my family and how we stick together when someone is going through a hard time, and support each other. And then when our family grows bigger!

November 15th: I am thankful for the weekend, to just have a break!


  1. I am thankful for you. Family is the most important thing in the world.

  2. These 15+1 lines are really great. There is nothing that can replace gratititude in our hearts. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. thank you! ITs so true! Enjoy your weekend as well! :)

  3. What a beautiful and creative post! There is so much to be thankful for! I agree with you on November 11th! <3

    I have a new video up on my blog now, I hope you like it! ;)
    New Video: 7 Ways to Layer Your Clothes Like A New Yorker

    1. november 11th is a good day :) Love that post!

  4. This was so cute Lacey!! That basketball pic was super adorable!!!

  5. I have loved seeing everyone's thankful lists. I wish I had done this at the beginning of the month. Maybe I can make a list all at once :P

  6. what a great list of things to be thankful for! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  7. <3 All these thankful lists people post make me so happy!!! I love reading about what others are thankful for - it always reminds me of what I'm thankful for! :-)

    1. Some days it made me think! and then i would start thinking and it would make me think of more and more... IT was fun!

  8. The one of you standing on a basketball kissing your man is classic!

  9. i love that you're grateful for your single friends that like to hang out with you even though you're married, im so grateful for that too! a lot of people don't have the blessing of friends who still want to hang out with you when you're hitched :) cute list!


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