Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas Hunt

As I sit here watching "Buddy the Elf" I laugh when Buddy is bringing in his Christmas Tree and it doesn't fit because that is EXACTLY what happened to us!  When it came down to buying either a fake tree or cutting down a real tree it was simple. This is our first Christmas together, we didn't want just a boring fake tree! (no offense if you have a fake one.) We wanted the experience to go cut down our own! So we got our permit and went up by Island Park and got us a tree!

ME and Sampson on our way up to Island Park! 
 Talk about lots of snow! There was snow everywhere! It was great! We unloaded the snowmobile and went searching!Luckily we had the snowmobile because I definitely wouldn't of walked very far in that deep snow! It also made the searching easier and funner!

 Kooper says "If we see a BEAR drop the saw and hold on tight" 
I responded "Bears are hibernating Silly"
Kooper "Well we might just wake them up!"
Me: "Whatever" (Yet secretly searching with the slightest hope we saw one (But not close to us))

 On our search we found some really full big ones, key word big! So they didn't work, and all the little ones didn't quite work out to well either because they weren't very full. We would see some and think oh thats a good one, and then get up close and be like nahh... 

But the search went on! All of a sudden these two tree's were in the open! I pointed and said that one! Even though, that had been my third time doing that. So kooper drove over and was like you sure.. this one? I said uh what do you think. He said oh yeah this one is great!  "YES" Lets get it! So we did. 
The end. :) okay but not quite.

 Yesterday, Tyler, Whit, Koop and I were watching Christmas Movies and it was our turn to pick next and Kooper said that one of his favorites was "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation." Well Whit and I were both like what? Sure... lets watch let. We had never seen it before.  I laughed when they picked out there tree and how they made it glow like it was perfect, Tyrel asked if that was what our experience was like, and of course Koop said YEAH! Pretty much just a magical moment :)

 This sweet boy of mine cut down our first tree! One thing he forgot, was to grab a rope or something to drag it back with.  So I drove back and he sat backwards holding the tree. Sounds easy.. and it was for me! However, I'm not the smoothest snowmobile driver, the whole time I was jerking back and forth and then we would get to tight spots and I'd have to slow down and then jerk some more.

  Needless to say we made it back! Loaded up and headed for home! Like I said early the tree was too BIG for our home! We got it inside and the top was folded over. So we ended up cutting extra to make it fit! It was pretty funny though! 
 Here is our tree! You might laugh and the amount of decorations but let me explain!  We originally bought some lights and a stand but that was it! We put the lights up and it looked fine, a little bare but it was fine. Then I opened the box my grandma had just sent home with us. It had a bunch of random old stuff that she had left over and hadn't used forever.  So I started putting it all on, some gold tinsel and green ornaments! And then we just decided, ya know this is our first tree, we don't need to spend any more money because we are in college and don't want to be storing it all, so we left it at that. And Viola here is our Christmas Tree. I also made two ornaments(See them HERE) and they may or may not stand out just a little on our bare tree!! But we love it anyways!
1st Family Christmas Picture. ahh!

Just Sampson watching the lights, and Koop watching the T.V. Typical night!

Hope you have a Great Christmas and make the most of it! I am graduating on the 20th and my family will be coming up, we will have Christmas early with my side and head to Malad on Christmas Eve! I can't wait! I love Christmas!


  1. Love your first Christmas tree, Can't wait to see what your first Christmas dinner will be too. I'm excited

  2. You look so pretty the images are amazing.

  3. You know when we were first married we went and cut down a tree too. At the same spot. And at the time I told Chris that our tree was like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I remember being all disappointed because this city was expecting a full tree. But now ten years later I actually miss out little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It was perfect. A little bare as well but perfect. So my advice. Enjoy it. Cuz now I really want one of those trees. Haha It shots look so pretty though.

  4. Aww cute tree!! We have a tiny fake one because our house is so small!!

    1. Thanks! Hey we almost did that too! I think as long as you have something it makes your home more Christmasy!

  5. That is so cute! I love your Christmas tree adventure. Ps. I might steal your dog... Haha

    1. THanks darling! haha he is for sure a keeper, I'm so attached to him already! You can come play with him :)

  6. How amazing to get to cut down your own Christmas tree and in the snow!!!! You certainly can't do that anywhere near to where I live :)

    1. It really is amazing! I don't realize how lucky it is! where are you from!?

    2. I've just noticed this so sorry for the massive late reply, I live in Lincolnshire, England. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas :)


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