Friday, December 6, 2013


This being Kooper and I's first Christmas I thought it would be really fun to make a few ornaments. That would remind us each year the first Christmas we spent together!!
 To start I got these two blocks from Porter's for $1 each! 

 Then I painted them!

Then I got pictures for both of them, I cut the pictures to fit!

I used modge podge to stick them together, I didn't realize I only had Puzzle Modge Podge till I started but it still worked pretty good.

 I stapled Ribbon to hang them from the tree. 

And Viola! Here are the finished products! I love them, I think they turned out great, and I think that they will be fun reminders of our first Christmas together. You might ask why I chose these two pictures? Well the one on the left is Sampson, our new puppy (who was pretty much an early Christmas Present) I love him! Go here to see more Pictures of him! Then the picture on the right is of Me and Kooper getting our first REAL Christmas Tree! It was so much fun! I'll get the details for that later, but for now here are some EASY DIY ornaments! If you want more ideas check out Tawny's Tid Bits! On December 13th she will be posting 13 DIY Ornaments from 13 different girls to give you some fun ideas!

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  1. I love diy and this its perfect to do with my pups images thanks very creative. Also thank you for visiting my blog following you by bloglovin and google follow back thanks.


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